Secrets of how quickly to accustom a child to a pot after diapers

  • Secrets of how quickly to accustom a child to a pot after diapers

    It's hard to imagine how our grandmothers did in their day without diapers for children. This is a real feat! But the use of diapers should not be our excuse, because a kid needs to understand strictly that it is necessary to cope with need in a place specially designated for this purpose. About how quickly to accustom your child to a pot - we'll talk in our today's publication.

    Below we will consider two methods of training a child for a pot - the method of our grandmothers and the Western method.

    How to teach a child to the traditional method - the "method of moms and grandmothers"

    This method is considered in Soviet books for expectant mothers. They said that as soon as the baby learns to sit( 6 - 8 months), it should immediately be accustomed to the pot. A young mother needs to closely monitor the child's behavior. If she sees the signs of wanting to address the need, then immediately put the child on the pot. In addition, you need to periodically put the baby on the pot: after eating, after sleep and after( sometimes before) a walk. If you follow all the instructions, then, as scientists say, by the age of 2 the baby will start asking you to go to the toilet himself, it means he has developed a reflex.

    The traditional method of potty training is suitable for your child if:

    • you have free time and a lot of patience;

    • you are convinced that diapers are harmful;

    • you do not have enough money to buy disposable diapers.

    You should abandon this method if:

    • tries not to miss the moment of "wanting to address need" cause stress to the child and you;

    • if you are well suited to diapers and have time to wait for results;

    • for a long time, your efforts are not confirmed and the share of success.

    Western( or as it is also called "modern") method - recommended by leading experts

    Specialists say that up to 2 years of age the child should not be taught to potty. The question is whether it makes sense to train a child for a year and a half to 2 years, or wait and explain the baby in a few weeks, what exactly you want from him.

    First, buy a nice potty baby. It is better to teach in the summer, when the baby has little clothes, so that it's easy to take it off. During one day, several times, sit the child on the pot. If the child descended into it, then you must praise it. I need to explain to him that if he still wants to go to the toilet, then he needs to use the potty.

    Place the pot in a prominent place and do not rearrange it so that the child can see it. Plant the baby on the pot after a dense meal and after sleeping. If the kid has done his business in panties, you can not scold him for it. Once again show him the pot and explain what it is for.

    At night bed in a crib an oilcloth and lift the child 1 or two times in a toilet. If the baby is still pissing in panties, then do not give up diapers at night.

    Western method of potty training is suitable for you if:

    • you have money for diapers;

    • you follow, but do not overtake the development of the baby;

    • if you do not want additional worries.

    This method is not suitable for:

    • if the child has diaper irritation;

    • your kid himself learned to ask for a toilet;

    • if the child has to learn to cope with the need for a pot for certain years, for example, at the request of a kindergarten.

    Try it and you will definitely get it!