Arrangement of a children's room with their own hands - how to equip a children's room

  • Arrangement of a children's room with their own hands - how to equip a children's room

    The children's room is a rather specific room, the arrangement of which requires certain skills, knowledge and skills. So, it is worth considering that it is here that a child can spend all his free time. The efficiency of using every square meter of the children's room is the main task that must be put in starting the arrangement of this room.

    How to equip a children's room

    Trying to create a living space for a child, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, and if it is a question of several babies living in the same room - the task becomes more complicated several times. It is not only necessary to take into account the location of the training table, but also the direction of lighting, the maximum efficiency of using each square meter of the children's room.

    When building a nursery, it may also be difficult to divide space when two or even three children live in the same room. In this case, it may be necessary to rationalize the room zoning, so that each child should be given a proper place for study, sports and recreation. In addition, each child is individual and it is worth considering his preferences and hobbies, creating maximum conditions for the development of a growing personality.

    The most difficult task that accompanies the arrangement of a children's room is dynamics. Children grow up quickly and in a few years, all toys, dolls and trains will be hidden in the closet, and new hobbies will appear that will completely supplant the past addictions. Therefore, it is also worth considering that your child is growing and developing. When choosing the color, the shape of the bed, the size of the furniture, it is necessary to watch the scale, realizing that in a few years your baby will cease to be the crumb that he is now, or the impudent teenager will soon realize his place in society and will not want to live in a roomwith black walls and posters of rock stars.


    Colors for the children's room

    The color scheme of the children's room can be one of the most important issues. Quite often, the color is chosen according to the child's sex-the boy's blue room. To the girl - pink. However, if we consider this issue more deeply, it becomes clear that the infant basically does not care what the color of the walls in his room is, children of preschool age can also enjoy such bright colors, but when the child grows up - he may have his owntastes, hobbies and so on. Therefore, in order to give room for reflection and further arrangement of the room( in the distant future), it is better to choose a neutral color scheme. Light beige tones always look spectacular in a room of any purpose. The same can be said about the nursery. In addition, light colors will make the room even more light and airy, visually pushing the walls of the room and increasing it.


    Furniture for a nursery

    The choice of furniture is a complex, but quite feasible issue. To begin with, the most important thing is a bed. There may be several options that differ not only in pricing, manufacturer and external characteristics, but also in the most important criterion - the design. The design features of different types of beds can allow you to save space in the room or successfully hide some of its shortcomings. You can think of a bunk bed if two children live in this room, or buy two separate ones, but pay attention to the presence of boxes under the bed where you can store everything you need. These two options are considered the most effective, in terms of saving the living space of the children's room.

    Table. The desktop for the child will be the main place where he will receive knowledge, do homework or just read. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the child with the most convenient working space. It is worth remembering about a large number of boxes and shelves, where notebooks and other educational supplies will be stored.

    A chair is located next to the desk. He plays one of the most important roles in the formation of child perseverance. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of this chair - its back should maximally contribute to maintaining the child's posture. In addition, again remembering that the child is growing pretty quickly - consider carefully the design of the chair - it should be able to adjust to the physiological features of your child's body and serve him even when he grows up a little.

    Cabinet. One of the most important elements of the children's room, because it is here that children's things, toys, and even some secrets will be kept. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find or build the most capacious cabinet, with a large number of different shelves, hangers and other things. This will not only allow you to keep the room in order, but also will teach the child that every thing has its place.


    Location of zones in the children's room

    Of course, the arrangement of the children's room with their own hands simply need to start with a preliminary planning. And before you bought furniture, chose a color, or decided on the design concept in the design, pay attention to the features of the room that you will equip.

    After considering all the nuances, you can determine the location of the main zones in the children's room - educational, playroom and recreation area. This zoning is most simply carried out as follows: the best lighting for study, a cozy corner for rest, and all the rest of the space for games.

    How to equip a small children's room

    Children's rooms are often not pleasing with large sizes and that is why in their situation there can be no few problems. In this case, the most beneficial is the use of the most effective furniture.

    Compact furniture for children

    Sliding wardrobes, bunk beds or even folding beds allow you to save the living space of the room as much as possible, without reducing the usability of these pieces of furniture.


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