• Cancer of the larynx symptoms

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    The laryngeal cancer constitutes approximately 1% of all cancers and represents the growth of malignant cells in the larynx, an organ that consists of vocal cords and a structure known as an epiglottis that prevents food from entering the respiratory neck when swallowed. The larynx is located between the pharynx, or throat, and trachea. Cancer of the larynx is almost always curable if it is detected early enough. Thus, it is necessary to take a close look at the constant wheezing, which is often the only symptom of the disease. It affects mainly men, most often 45-55 years. In the emergence of cancer of the larynx, a prominent role is played by chronic irritations( smoking, alcoholism) and long-existing catarrh of the upper respiratory tract.

    The disease usually begins with the appearance of hoarseness, which does not disappear after a few days or weeks, as is the case with acute catarrh, but has a persistent character. There is a sensation of tickling in the throat or the presence of something stranger, there is a need for frequent coughing. These phenomena depend on the development on the vocal cords of the tumor compaction, which restricts their movement and, closing the laryngeal lumen, causes difficulty in breathing. If the tumor is given to its own current, then it spreads in all directions, gradually sprouting the cartilages of the larynx, while penetrating into the cervical lymphatic glands, which sharply worsens the patient's condition and significantly reduces the possibility of recovery.

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    Cancer of the larynx can be recognized only by a specialist in ear, nose and throat diseases who perform research using mirrors. Therefore, any long-lasting hoarseness should attract attention and induce the patient to visit the doctor for throat diseases. The earlier this is done, the better, since the early diagnosis of laryngeal cancer provides the possibility of a full recovery, which is very difficult to achieve in developed cases.

    A tumor that is formed on the vocal cords is better treated. For cancers that have spread from the larynx to the nearby lymph nodes or through the blood to other parts of the body, the outlook is less optimistic.

    • Avoid tobacco use and excessive drinking.