Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs in girls by folk remedies and methods

  • Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs in girls by folk remedies and methods

    Diseases of the genitals are observed not only in women, but also in girls, even in girls. Of course, children suffer from these diseases incomparably less often than adults.

    Among diseases of genital organs, inflammatory processes in girls, as in adults, take first place. They can occur in them when penetrating the genitals of Trichomonads, diphtheria bacillus - the causative agent of diphtheria, worms. The inflammatory process in the vagina can be caused by a foreign body. Most often this is observed in pre-school children, who, unattended

    adults, enter into the vagina various objects: buttons, small coins, etc. This, as a rule, causes severe irritation. Appearing abundant discharge from the vagina is often lightly colored with blood. It is quite obvious that the inflammatory process in these cases will continue until the foreign body is removed. Inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs in a girl can be the cause of a violation in the future of the functions of these organs and even infertility.

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    Cases of gonorrhea infection in girls are rare. Unlike adult women, infection in girls occurs out-of-the-box. Most often, a child becomes infected from a sick mother or nurse when her discharge containing gonococci falls in any way( with the use of one bed, a common basin, a shared bath, a common towel, etc.) on the girl's genitals. There are cases when the infection was transmitted from sick girls to healthy through a common pot, the tips for enemas that were in use. In girls, unlike adult women, gonorrhea can affect the external genitalia. This is explained by the fact that in children these organs are covered with tender, easily vulnerable skin, which is very susceptible to infection.

    Prevention of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs in girls is primarily to create a general hygienic regime for the child, compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. Children should sleep separately from their parents( and even more so from other adults), have an individual night pot and toilet facilities: a sponge, a loofah, etc. Wash a small child in his personal bath, never washing clothes in it. If you have to bathe the child in a bath in which adults wash, then the bath before this should be washed very carefully with hot water, using a brush and a SOAP.It is better to use a shower. The baby's underwear must be stored separately from the adult's underwear. Linen should be changed more often, when washing, boil and necessarily iron with a hot iron. You should not allow girls to sit on the toilet seat, especially the public.

    Prevention of infection with worms plays an important role in the prevention of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

    If the child has redness and swelling of the external genitalia, any appearance of any vaginal discharge( spotting on the bed or bed linen), with the child's complaints of tenderness in the genital area, pain when urinating, etc.the child should be immediately shown to the doctor.