What yogurttnitsy choose - the choice of yogurtnitsy

  • What yogurttnitsy choose - the choice of yogurtnitsy

    Dairy products play an important role in our lives. From early childhood milk, kefir, cottage cheese and sour cream are integral parts of our daily diet. But yogurt appeared relatively recently and immediately gained popularity, both in children and adults. In any supermarket, the shelves of the dairy department are filled with all kinds of yoghurts. But to industrial yoghurts still, it is better to be cautious, as manufacturers often add to their composition any "chemistry"( modified starch, flavors, etc.).For this reason, lovers of natural products are best able to prepare yogurt themselves at home. An excellent assistant in such an important matter is the yogurt girl. But how to understand what yogurttnitsu choose in the stores of household appliances with a fairly wide supply of different manufacturers? Before deciding to buy, you need to decide on your own requirements for the device you are purchasing.

    What is yogurt?

    What is yogurt

    Despite the fact that we have learned about this product relatively recently, its history is quite old. According to one theory, the first Scythians invented yoghurt, the second version was invented by the Thracians, and finally by the third, the Bulgarians.

    Yogurt refers to a variety of fermented milk products obtained as a result of milk ripening under the influence of certain microorganisms( thermophilic streptococcus, Bulgarian bacillus).Thanks to trace elements( calcium, potassium, phosphorus, group B vitamins), which is part of yogurt, and thanks to the availability of useful microorganisms and their activity, this delicious product has a significant nutritional value. Qualitatively cooked yogurt has a positive effect on the improvement of the digestive process and, moreover, promotes immunity. And so that you can consume a really high-quality natural product, you just need to purchase a fairly simple-to-use device - a yogurt girl.

    Main characteristics

    Jars in the yogurt maker

    First of all, you should pay attention to the number of special containers( jars, cups) in which you will place all necessary ingredients for cooking. There are different types of yogurt women: some use one large pot( 1 or 1.5 liters), and in others - small cups. If you choose yogurttnitsa with 7 jars of 150 ml, the cooked product will immediately be divided portionwise, it is very convenient that yogurt can be eaten directly from the jar. Bottles( cups) in yogurtnitses are plastic or glass. For health, it is better to prefer glass containers, because when heated, plastic can begin to release harmful substances for the body.
    An important selection criterion is the use of an electric heating element, since the basic principle of the device is to heat up to the desired temperature and maintain a stable temperature during the preparation of the yoghurt mixture( about 38 ° C).Power yogurtnits, usually a small( 12.5-20 watts).It is not a defining characteristic in the selection.

    Yogurt with timer

    But the presence of a timer is very important, because it is the main control device. With its help, the time it takes to make yoghurt and the total operating time of the device are set. Timers in yogurtnitses are mechanical( special rotary knob) or electronic( buttons and electronic display).Most buyers prefer an electronic timer.
    Additional functions include: presence of sound notification of the availability of the product, additional indicators on the scoreboard, covers with a marker for indicating the date.

    It is not necessary to buy a model of a famous brand, overpaying for this extra money. Before buying just look at the appearance of the yogurt girl and take an interest in its characteristics.