Ladies watch: photo collection of 67 photos from hours to hands

  • Ladies watch: photo collection of 67 photos from hours to hands

    Designers do not ignore the world of watches and continue to experiment with the models and form of this accessory. In this article, special attention should be paid to the wrist watches. Try to imagine how the watch looks like your dream. If this task turned out to be too much for you, then the women's wristwatch watches which we publish, perhaps, will help you decide on the choice.

    What hours to look for

    If you are active and can not sit still for a minute, and your motto is "traffic is life", then you should like a laconic electronic watch. In addition, pay attention to the especially popular among ladies watches with a large round dial, the strap of which, made of silicone, can be the most unimaginable colors( from bright green and caustic pink to sky-blue).

    Stylish women's wristwatch

    Especially stylish women's wrist watches, according to experts, these are watches, the body of which is made of yellow or white metal, dial of medium size, which indicates the name of the manufacturer, leather strap. Occasionally, in small quantities, such watches can be decorated with artificial crystals.

    It is desirable that the color of the strap be sustained in classic colors( black, white or beige).And nothing superfluous. Classics are always relevant. This model is suitable for ladies who spend most of their time in the office. Such a watch model will emphasize the exquisite taste of its owner.

    Watch as an addition to the

    image In addition, an ordinary wrist watch can also become a perfect complement to an evening toilet. For solemn occasions, bracelet watches and watches with an unusual dial shape, whose bracelet literally poured from the cold shine of crystals, are best suited. But the last variant, we will emphasize, ideally approaches only for solemn occasions. In everyday life, it will look somewhat inappropriate and flashy. Choose the color of the dial according to your taste preferences. Someone likes a black dial with gold figures, and someone likes a combination of white and black. In 2014 this is of no fundamental importance. The main thing is that the wrist watches chosen by you correspond to the general image and are convenient for you.

    Below we have selected for you a photo of women's watches, made in different styles, radically different from each other. By the way, please note that this year women of fashion prefer to wear watches in combination with bracelets - chains, decorated with various pendants and coins.