How to choose the right name for a dog( puppy)

  • How to choose the right name for a dog( puppy)

    The big question after and before buying a dog is choosing a nickname( name) for the puppy. It's not for you to call a cat, which does not often respond in its own name. In the case of a puppy, you can not be mistaken here, because this name will become the most loved and loved one for the next 10-15 years, so it is very important to choose a beautiful and correct name.

    Tips for choosing nicknames for dogs

    When choosing a name, you should pay attention to the breed of the puppy, because you will agree it's silly to sound if you call a small dachshund the Lord, and the terrible sheep dog Pipa. Just like people, the name of the dog indirectly, but affects its behavior, therefore, if you want to call the dog a real name( foreign or Russian), then be sure to see what this or that name means.   

    Take into account your status in the community. For example, it is very strange to sound the name "Bublik", which will sound from the lips of a respectable man in classic clothes. But here is the same name, but said by a teenager or a more adult young man - it will even sound "cool", as it's kindly funny and original.

    By the way, about the originality. Here it is necessary not to overdo it, because, firstly, any originality disappears with time, and secondly, very often originality borders on stupidity. Otherwise it will turn out, as in that joke:

    We bought a dog, called Sekas. And then my daughter was born. After 2 years, the case in a crowded bus: we go from the dacha, the daughter sits on her knees. All the way to silence, when suddenly at the end of the road, turns, and say "How I missed our sekas".Thank God that it was not long to go. ..   

    If you already got an adult dog, then you should not give a new name! The dog may not always obey you, which means it will not treat well as it did to its former owners.

    The shorter and simpler the nickname, the easier it is to remember it to the owners and the puppy. For a dog boy( male), it is better to choose a name courageous, but beautiful. For example: Dyson, Damon, Tai, Gray .Such nicknames are especially suitable for dogs of Stafford. If you have a small dog, but a dog, it's better to call this: Tema, Tima, Gavryusha .

    For dogs "girls"( bitches), naturally affectionate names such as Lakki, Leila, Laima, Dana, Daisy, Sendi, etc. are suitable.

    In addition, there are a few more nuances for choosing a name for the puppy:

    • Call the dog so that the name is easier to pronounce during the command or shouting( calling the dog to him).

    • The name should not resemble a command( Sid - Sit, Funtik - Foo and the like).It will be especially difficult to distinguish the teams and the name of the puppy, who is just beginning his life.

    • Do not call the dog a long, multi-worded name. As with time you will still reduce the nickname to more comfortable in pronunciation.

    • Give the dog a name, try not to distort or change the name, let the dog remember the combination of sounds. Although even afterwards the cynologists do not recommend renaming the dog to a more affectionate. Example: Lime - Lymochka.

    • The choice of nicknames is pretty wide, and is practically unlimited, so do not try to come up with a name for the puppy in 1-2 days. Study the full range of proposed names, and you will definitely find one that you like the most.

    After selecting the name of the puppy, we recommend reading our article on how to raise a dog !

    We will be grateful if you comment in the comments about the name you chose.