How to get rid of stretch marks after delivery - get rid of stretch marks

  • How to get rid of stretch marks after delivery - get rid of stretch marks

    Stretch marks on the body call pale scars that appear on the skin due to certain changes in the woman's hormonal background, a sharp decrease or gain in weight, due to pregnancy.

    Most often they appear in those women who have not enough elastic skin or because of hereditary factors. The appearance of stretch marks is usually associated with too much skin tension. That is, tissues grow so quickly that the epithelium behind it does not have time, it becomes thinner and thinner and finally, it breaks.

    How to remove stretch marks

    Getting rid of stretch marks occurs in this way: first, the scars become pink, and as the content of the blood vessels decreases they lighten.

    Of course, every far from happy owner of this trouble would like to remove it. But how to get rid of stretch marks after childbirth, for example? After all, many women just ready to have their body acquired its former beauty, are ready for almost everything. Folk ways? Easy! Do you need expensive surgical care? You can go for it.

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    Women, who for the first time faced this unpleasant phenomenon, suffer a lot of questions:

    • will it be possible to get rid of stretch marks while at home?
    • what folk methods can I use to achieve this?
    • helps to get rid of stretch marks on the buttocks fitness and gymnastics?

    In general, there are a lot of questions. It is worth considering each of them.

    Methods of getting rid of stretch marks

    Of course, the most common reason, due to which stretch marks appear - pregnancy. But not every woman knows that it is much easier to warn these unpleasant scars than to fight them after the appearance. Know that the process of getting rid of stretch marks can take years.

    Use these tips to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy:

    1. Try to eat correctly .Eat more protein foods( they are the basis of elastin and collagen), while reducing the consumption of sweet and flour. So you will be able to control the speed of weight gain and avoid sudden changes in it;
    2. Wipe the chest of with medium-temperature water and wipe it with a towel( preferably terry).It also helps to prevent the emergence of stretch marks wearing a special prenatal and postnatal bra;
    3. Are you afraid of stretch marks on your stomach? Then wear special supporting underwear and bandages. So the skin will not stretch and will not hang;
    4. Do not forget about the humidification of !Lubricate skin areas that are prone to the greatest stretch, with collagen amino acids;
    5. Good prevention of stretch marks - gymnastics , doing a series of several exercises. In general, keeping an active way of life.

    Folk treatment of

    In addition, there are quite a few fairly effective tools that can be used in pregnancy or any other case.

    Folk ways to get rid of stretch marks are convenient and they have one advantage over the procedures offered by medicine: they are available to everyone. In this case, you can get rid of unpleasant stretch marks without leaving home. So, how to get rid of stretch marks with the help of folk methods?

    Using scrub

    In order to remove stretch marks on the skin, you can use both purchased and home scrubs. And the latter can even be more effective. You can do them on the basis of sugar, salt or coffee grounds. Add the best olive oil or any other vegetable oil. An even better solution is the addition of essential oils.

    Such scrubs should be rubbed into the problem areas within 10 minutes. It is best to do this when you take a shower. Just try to be more careful, because small pieces of your money will easily score a drain in the bathroom.


    To get rid of stretch marks, you can rub special mixtures into the skin.

    Recipe No.1 : mix the extract of lavender, rosemary, jasmine, orange oil and lemon juice( just 10 drops each).Add 100 grams of jojoba oil to the mixture and leave everything in a closed container in the dark for a day. The resulting remedy should be rubbed into problem areas or used while doing massage.

    Recipe №2 : dissolve in a spoonful of boiling water 1 gram of mummy, add a little cream( preferably child).Keep this remedy in the refrigerator and use it once a day in problem areas.


    Excellent folk method of getting rid of stretch marks - massage. Just remember that it should be regular. Doing it from time to time, you can not remove any stretching.

    As an agent for massage, you can use orange oil, hazelnut oil or rosemary. In general, all oils that have a lot of vitamin E. It makes your skin elastic and supple. And on this skin stretch marks do not appear.