• How to choose the right multivariate for home

    Most likely, the multivar appeared because of the device that automatically cooked rice. Invented this device in the East, but this is not surprising, because rice there is considered one of the most valuable and nutritious foods. The multivark is much more practical, you can cook anything, for example, goulash, pilaf, borsch, buckwheat porridge and so on. It has many additional functions, you can choose the power and so on. In this device, you can even bake delicious pies, but before buying, you need to understand why it is used and how it works.

    How does the multistore

    Outwardly this device looks very simple, it is a container for products inside which is placed a metal or plastic housing with the possibility of heating. During cooking, you do not need to turn over or stir food, although much depends on the dish. The container for the product has a special coating that does not burn, it has a different volume and depends on the cost of the multivark. The smallest models have a volume of about 3 liters, while large ones have a volume of at least 5 liters, but there are also the most capacious models with a capacity of 6 liters, of course, they are not cheap.

    The multivar is controlled by electronic control, besides, you can set a certain program for cooking food and wait for the completion, as a rule, in modern models, at least ten operating modes. All that is required of you is to add all the products to a special container and select the desired mode, there are modes for certain dishes, for example, for pilaf. The multiquote will take into account the required amount of time and complete the preparation without your participation. Of course, the work of the device is not fully automated, you can choose the way of cooking and set the time.

    Note the multi-mode timer, it is used to set the cooking start or end time, so that it is cooked while you are not at home. It is very convenient if you return from work at nine in the evening, and the dish will be cooked at half past eight, because the food will be hot and very tasty. Also a very important parameter is the preservation of heat, when food is cooked, the temperature inside the appliance decreases, but not completely, the economy mode of operation is started. Often maintaining the set temperature is available within 24 hours, this is convenient if you do not want the dish to cool down too quickly.

    Look at the power of the device, the higher it is, the faster the dish is prepared. But often the manufacturer indicates only the maximum power, so it is impossible to say exactly how fast food will be prepared. The standard capacity of the multivark is about 600-800 watts, but you can choose a model with a higher power if you want to cook a large amount of food very quickly.

    How to choose the multivark by its parameters

    To begin with, you must precisely determine whether you need a multivarker and for what purposes you will use it. Many women do not see the difference between steamers and multivarkers, but the difference is significant, including in price. Unlike a double boiler, it is possible to extinguish, cook, fry and so on using a multivark, but to select the ideal model, one must look at the important characteristics that we will describe below.

    • Volume of

    First of all, look at the volume of the device, since it will depend on how much food you will cook. The volumes of modern models are within 1-5 liters, but buying a model with a large volume is unprofitable if you have a small family. For large families, the volume of 5 liters is ideal, you can cook food all day long for a whole day.

    • Adjacent cover

    Be sure to look at the tight fitting of the lid, otherwise you will not be able to cook food. The ingress of air inside the device negatively affects the quality of the dish, but that's not all, if the air gets inside, temperature and pressure will break down, so the food will be either undercooked or overcooked. Also look at whether there is a possibility of releasing steam on the lid? If such an opportunity is present, steam will gradually leave the appliance when the dish is cooked. This increases your safety and reduces the chances of a burn.

    • Interior coating

    Multivarkers have only two types of internal coating, of course, the most preferable one that has protection against burning. Sometimes you can find models with a coating of several layers and a spray of marble. Both coatings are ideal in all respects, it is easy to clean them, and they serve for many years without problems.

    • Modes of operation

    First, decide which dishes you are going to prepare in the multivariate. There are about eight modes of operation, but in many models there are only 3 or 5. The most common modes of operation are baking, quenching, pilaf, cooking porridge and cooking. But do not forget that with the help of a single mode of work you can prepare completely different dishes, you can cook potatoes and pasta through the cooking mode of pilaf, and in the cooking mode you can cook any cereals. Focus on what dishes you will cook most often.

    • Control Panel

    The simpler the control panel, the better. Look at the number of buttons, if you do not understand something, check with the seller. Buy models with simple controls.

    • Additions

    In most cases, complete with a device go measuring spoons, a book of recipes, ladles and cups of different sizes. Choose a model with a reasonable price and a large number of additions, for example, using the recipe book you can quickly learn how to prepare meals and what modes of work to choose.