How to choose a sewing machine for a house by parameters

  • How to choose a sewing machine for a house by parameters

    Still about 20 years ago the sewing machine could be found almost in any house, however in due course this technics was gone from a life of modern people. And now again began to gain momentum of its popularity. After all, it is thanks to her that we can save on making bed linen, sewing trousers, sewing a suit, etc. So how then to choose a good modern sewing machine so as not to throw money away? !

    How to choose a sewing machine according to the parameters of

    Types of sewing machines. Modern sewing machines are divided into two main types.   

    1. Electromechanical machines are the most inexpensive and easy to operate, they perform about twenty seams. Types of seams are usually depicted on the front of the machine, mostly stitches for decor, or special stitches for knitwear. Such machines have many additional accessories - a convenient removable platform, work surface lighting, various needles( conventional and special), paws of different sizes and purposes, tools for cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

    2. Computer sewing machines are distinguished by the fact that all of their programs, which can be from 20 to 100, are embedded in the microcircuit. The computer sewing machine has an electronic display on which you can see which type of operation is installed. These machines can perform quite complex work compared to electromechanical, it can be embroidering letters, numbers and monograms.

    Type of shuttle sewing machine. Also modern sewing machines differ in the type of shuttle, the main part of this unit. The type of shuttle is determined by how the movements are made in the typewriter: vertically, horizontally or it is the rocking motion.

    1. The swinging shuttle is considered to be the simplest and not very convenient because of the arising vibrations and low operating speed.

    2. The most common - a horizontal shuttle, because of the convenience of filling the bobbin, it does not create strong vibrations, the lower thread is rarely tangled, it does not need to be lubricated. Since the shuttle is clearly visible through the transparent window, which ensures a constant presence of the thread on the bobbin.

    3. In a vertical shuttle, along with high reliability it is much more convenient to control the tension of the lower thread, which is the main difference from the horizontal shuttle.

    Engine power also plays an important role. The stronger the engine, the better and faster the machine will perform work with harder and more dense fabrics. In addition, when working with such materials it is important to have a machine in which the inner mechanism is made of metal. Also the attention should be paid to the width of the comb, which influences the ease of advancement of the fabric and the quality of the stitch.

    In some cases, an overlock is indispensable. By virtue of its design, the sewing machine can not perform the operations available to the overlock, namely, to carry out the performance of strong elastic joints on knitwear, to perform three operations at once: grinding, cutting and processing the edges of a separate part of the product. More overlock features the implementation of flat seams and chain stitches, decorative seams( sewing braid, beads with beads).
    Household overlocks are three, four and five threaded. Overlock can not replace the sewing machine, it only complements it, so the most successful is the purchase of a complete set: sewing machine and overlock.

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