How to make a flower bed of your own from tires, stones and bottles

  • How to make a flower bed of your own from tires, stones and bottles

    Basically flowerbeds are made from perennial flowers, but in the future the flowerbed can bore you, how to avoid it? To begin with, you need to use the ancient method and arrange beautiful bowls with perennials, and also install amphoras or pots. But much depends on the season, as planting annual flowers should be based on weather and air temperature. This has its advantages, because in different seasons the flowerbed will change its appearance, and attract more attention. But you need to think in advance about which plants will attract a lot of attention even in periods when the main flowering time has passed. You can open the season with an embellished apple tree together with onion blossoms, and then plant asters in autumn, which will always be in sight. We can tell you how to make a flower bed of stones, bottles or even a tire. We will tell you about all these ways:

    bottles How to make a camomile bed

    To decorate a country plot you can buyready flowerpots or flower beds, however, the main problem is a high markup on such flower beds, which is why people try to make them themselves. Especially because the choice in stores is not so wide, and in most situations it is impossible to find a suitable flower bed. You can do landscape design, but you have to spend a certain amount of time, as it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

    The most convenient and simple - the flower beds of tires, to make them, you need to stock up a few tires, of course, old and unnecessary. It is better to take a few tires, since from the first time the flowerbed will not work. Also you need to take a large sharp knife or file, although to cut a flower bed you can take a Bulgarian. In the beginning, you need to choose the appearance of the flower bed, which will be combined with the garden. Also, one should not get carried away with design only and forget that the flowerbed should be practical. If it has too unusual design, it will lose stability and will be fragile. In the beginning of work it is necessary to make marks, namely - on the sides, they are made with the help of chalk or soap. Draw any image to cut out the flower bed. External contours should be smooth or round, although they may be angular or sharp. However, it will be possible for you to make a drawing or not, will depend on the quality of the knife and your strength. To produce a flower bed can not only a strong man, but also a woman, although it will be necessary to make efforts.

    As soon as you finish cutting the circle, you can begin to cut the petals. It is possible to facilitate the work, if periodically dipping the knife into the water, also it is necessary to hold the cut parts by hand. You may think that the billet looks ugly and is not suitable for a flower bed, but this is only the beginning of the work and in the future you decorate it. The next action is turning the tire inside out, however, this is the most difficult stage in creating a flower bed. Pre-wear the working form so as not to get messy, since it is extremely difficult to do this. When you turn the tire over to the side with which you have not worked yet, you need to turn it slowly, while holding the flower bed with your knee.

    Gradually move around the circumference and turn out the edges. Make maximum efforts, as this is a very difficult process. You can invite a friend to help, since many can not cope alone. When you twist it - you can rest, because the main part of the work is completed. Next, you can decorate the flowerbed, but first you need to clean it with water and a means that removes fat from the surface. Prepare the brush in advance, but not too hard, after cleaning, wash off the detergent and dry the tire.

    Then you can paint the flower bed in several colors, although you can make it monophonic. You can prepare a stencil and make a drawing that you like best. You can take any paint, but preferably more stable. Also do not forget that the flowerbed for the children's playground should be designed for children, so depict on it the cartoon characters. You can depict butterflies with flowers on the flowerbed. Please note that the flower bed should stand out against the background of flowers, so choose colors competently. Then fill it with soil and plant plants. Remember the sequence of actions, as in the future you will make such flowerbeds very quickly, and decorate them in many ways. To make a flower bed it is possible for an hour or a half, if there is an experience.

    How to make a bed of stones

    Here the most important rule is a competent choice of stones, they must have different size, shape and so on. Stones should not be similar to each other, this is one of the most important rules. Perhaps after the construction of the house you have left unnecessary stones, they can be used to create a new flowerbed. The huge advantage in your own cottage is that you can use your imagination and decorate it as you like, and decorating the garden with flowerbeds is one of the most interesting processes. It is desirable to use wild or rubble stone, since natural materials are much preferable in decoration. The texture of the stone looks very beautiful, and also naturally, which is important. The size of the flower bed and its shape depend directly on the area of ​​the plot, as well as your ideas. You can see pictures of different gardens and suburban areas, if you have absolutely no ideas for creativity, but in this case, choose several options at once, as during the work you can change your mind about the creation of this or that flowerbed.

    You can make a two-tiered flower bed, for example, in the form of two hearts. It is also advisable to install nightlights with stones. First, choose the best place to install the flowerbed, and then dig out a part of the soil to put the first row of stones. Large stones should be placed in a finished trench, first add a little sand there. This creates the illusion that the stones are deep underground, with sand being used as a solid foundation. The stones should be pressed against each other, so you need to think long over which side to put them on the ground. If some stones can not fit in the right place - replace them with others, so at the beginning of the work you need to collect as many stones as possible. In any case, you can not put all the stones the way you would like. It is also desirable to prepare cement mortar, but in a 1: 5 ratio, this is done to bond the stones. But do not forget that the stones should look natural, so only the central part of the stone is treated with cement. Do not let the solution fall on the visible part of the stone, as this will spoil the impression from the flowerbed.

    Masonry needs to be done slowly, much slower than brickwork. The whole point is that the brick is very smooth, unlike the stone. Fit the stones to each other is difficult mainly because of the strong differences in the form. Note that if you make a flower bed in the summer season, the cement solution will need to be thoroughly mixed from time to time. To get rid of unnecessary work during the creation of the flowerbed, you must add a little detergent to the cement, you can take any tool, even the cheapest.

    First lay out the first outline of the heart, whose height should not exceed 50 centimeters. To do this, use small stones, and then make the second part of the flowerbed, whose height is about 30 centimeters. True, the height depends on which plants you plant, so everything is very individual. Do not forget that the bottom part in any case should not be too high, since the height depends mainly on the top. The mortar of concrete will become really strong only after a month, so wait at least two weeks before filling the flower bed with earth. Otherwise, the structure may collapse in the future. The interior of the flower bed must contain fertile soil, and the top layer must consist of soil, which can be purchased at any flower shop. But you can save and take the soil from the site. The most attractive soil is from very fertile trees, but it must first be sifted, otherwise other plants will grow in the flower garden. Further, the soil is evenly laid throughout the interior of the flowerbed, and attention should be paid to the empty areas near the stones, this is done for less shrinkage of the soil during irrigation.

    Decorate the flower bed can be fixtures, preferably on solar panels. During the high activity of the sun, they are slowly charged, and in the evening they turn on without your intervention, while the flowerbed looks much more attractive. Of course, they will turn off automatically after sunrise. You can also decorate the flowerbed with other elements that you can buy at a hardware store.

    How to make a flower bed from bottles

    Here much depends on whether you will use glass or plastic bottles. If you do not cut bottles, there's no difference. Fluted bottoms look very impressive in plastic bottles, although many people think that glass bottles look much better. Below, we list the important steps in creating a flower bed.

    1. First you need to think about what the flower bed will be the basis. You can take car tires and put them on top of each other, you can take a bucket or an old saucepan. From the extent to which they will be deep, the size of the flower bed depends.

    2. Then the container is plastered with a thin layer of sand-cement mortar, although the thickness of the layer depends largely on whether the bottles stuck in it. Take into account that you can not plaster all the tanks at once, as the cement dries at an incredible speed, and when you reach the last section of the flowerbed, you will not be able to work.

    3. As closely as possible, go to work with the bottom layer of bottles. The fact is that they hold the upper bottles, therefore, the higher the layer, the easier the work. Stacking is better done in staggered order, this guarantees the stability of the flowerbed.

    4. Approach to work carefully and remember that it will take a very long time. It is impossible to make a really beautiful flower bed in a few moments. If you make a bed of bottles, you need to wait until the solution dries completely, because if you plant flowers in advance - the flowerbed design will collapse, as the cement does not have time to dry.

    5. Be sure to close the top layer of bottles, and this is done at the end, when the filling with soil is completed. Embellish the bottles of bottles can be cones, moss, stones and so on, it all depends on your imagination.

    6. To fill the flowerbed is not difficult, you need to create a drain from the bottom of stones, expanded clay or fragments of brick, and at the top to fill a layer of fertile soil. It will be better if the capacity for the flower bed is without a bottom, because there will not be water inside. If there is a bottom, you need to take care of the drainage holes so that the water drains to the ground in time.

    7. The bottles with a bottom have proved to be the best as a container, because it will be much easier to remove the flower bed in another place. Then you can take care of the vegetation of the new flowerbed, and here everything depends on your wishes, and you can experiment. In high flower beds, you can plant ampel geranium, petunia, fuchsia, lobelia or begonia.

    After planting flowers you will have to wait a certain time to see the flower bed in all its glory. In the summer you can observe the flowering of petunia and other plants, and immediately see the result of your work - a beautiful flower bed that not only looks great, but also very practical. In a few years, the flowerbed will become even more beautiful due to the growth of perennial plants.

    If you have any questions or are ready to offer your ideas - write in the comments!