How to make a clay horse: a step-by-step master class

  • How to make a clay horse: a step-by-step master class

    Plasticine is a wonderful material from which you can create unique and unique crafts. This article will contain information that will make it easy to understand how to make a horse out of clay, as the sequence of actions for creating a figurine of this animal will be described in detail.

    A selection of video tutorials for beginners

    In this article a selection of videos will be presented, in which the masters will tell about the basic principles of work and show the schemes of making a figurine of a horse. In particular, it will be shown how it is possible to fashion it according to the classical scheme, it will also be shown how to make a funny horse, and how to use acorns and matches as additional materials.

    Brown filly on matchstick basis

    We need black and brown clay, in order to obtain a marble shade, it is desirable to mix the plasticine of these two colors, and also need white clay and match.

    The first thing from the resulting material is to form a detail of the oval shape to denote the trunk. Then the part should be attached to the detail at a slant to indicate the location of the head and neck of the horse. Then it is necessary to clothe the match with plasticine so that the neck is formed, and on the top of the neck it is necessary to attach the oval piece instead of the head, the joints of the parts must be smoothed out. The front part of the face, made of white plasticine, should be attached to the head part, and the eyes made with the help of white and black plasticine must be placed on top, and two ears should be attached along the sides. In order to make the mane, it is enough to roll out the sausage from white plasticine, cut it into pieces and attach it to the neck and to the head. To make your legs, you need to glue the four matches with plasticine, and attach a piece of black plasticine to the edges of the workpieces, so that the hoofs will appear. Then the legs should be attached to the trunk, and the tail should be made of long sausages made of white plasticine. All stages of work are shown in the photo.

    Option 2

    According to another scheme, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instruction proposed below. For work you need clay base color and a bit of plasticine black and white. The whole process of making a horse is presented in stages in pictures.

    From sculptural plasticine

    The master class, presented below, will explain how, it is possible to perform a figure of a horse from a special kind of plasticine, which is called sculptural. The peculiarity of this material is that it retains its shape better than ordinary plasticine, even the finer details of the product are obtained from it more clearly.

    We will need pieces of sculptured plasticine of different colors, namely: brown, black, yellow, orange.

    First of all, you need to make a detail of an oval shape from a plasticine of brown color. Then it is necessary to form a detail of an oval shape with a bend from another piece of plasticine, thereby indicating the neck and head of the future horse. In order to make a tail and mane, from plasticine of yellow and orange colors it is necessary to fashion ropes that need to be shaped like curls. To get the legs, you need to form four identical sausages and attach to each workpiece in a circle, made of black. After that, all the details must be combined and complemented by other details, such as a bridle and a saddle.