How to make a luminous liquid from improvised means: recipes with luminol and without

  • How to make a luminous liquid from improvised means: recipes with luminol and without

    To date, every craftsman can make phosphoric acid independently, first, because different recipes for its manufacture have been developed, and secondly, the materials that are needed for work can easily be found.

    This article will present recipes, thanks to which you can understand how to make a luminous liquid from improvised means. Recipes will be described whose ingredients include luminol and a recipe will be proposed that assumes the production of a shimmering liquid without this ingredient.

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    The first recipe

    At home, you can make the liquid glowing according to the recipe, which involves the use of the following ingredients: luminol, an organic compound that has the form of a light yellow powder, as well as three percent hydrogen peroxide, sodium solution, copper sulfate, fluorescent dyes and water.

    First, one hundred milliliters of water should be poured into a glass container, then gradually three grams of luminol should be dissolved in water, due to its properties this chemical can glow in blue in neutral and acidic media. Then three grams of hydrogen peroxide and three grams of copper sulphate should be added to the mixture. Next, carefully add ten milliliters of sodium solution and mix the ingredients. Should get a liquid that glows in blue, and in order to get a different color, you can add more dye.

    The second recipe

    According to another recipe, the holy liquid can be made from luminol, dimexide, dry alkali and dye.

    First of all, in a glass flask should be mixed fifteen grams of luminol, thirty-five grams of dry alkali and thirty millimeters of dimexide. Then the flask should be closed and shaken gently. Then you can turn on the light and observe the glow of a blue hue.

    The third version of

    Another recipe includes such components: detergent solution without dyes, 3% luminol solution and 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, crystals of potassium permanganate.

    First of all, twenty milliliters of detergent must be dissolved in a glass beaker. Then, add five milliliters of luminol solution and ten milliliters of hydrogen peroxide. Separately, grind three crystals of potassium permanganate and add them to the already obtained mixture. While mixing the ingredients, the mixture will foam a little and play with bright colors.

    Without luminol

    Developed recipes, thanks to which liquid luminous can be made without luminol, and replace it with other ingredients and get such an effect. For example, a luminous liquid can be made from boric acid and coniferous concentrate.

    First you need to fill one third of the glass with water and dissolve one gram of coniferous concentrate. Then in a tablespoon should put a bit of boric acid and drip gently a few drops of coniferous concentrate, then the spoon with the contents must be heated and brought to a boil. Then the mixture must be cooled, then add a few drops of coniferous solution and place the mixture in water to observe the effect of the glow.

    Also a luminous liquid can be obtained from the following ingredients - from water, peroxide, salt and vinegar.

    First, one hundred milliliters of water should be poured into a glass container, then add a three-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, salt and vinegar. Then all the ingredients should be mixed and as a result you get such a shimmering liquid.