Souvenirs with their own hands for different holidays: 10 best ideas

  • Souvenirs with their own hands for different holidays: 10 best ideas

    Before the coming holiday, each of us always thinks about what to give to family, friends, colleagues. We offer to show a little creativity and make souvenirs with our own hands. Among this extensive list, you can choose the option that will be appropriate and like the gifted.

    Sweet pillow

    Such a cute pillow, depicting a cunning chanterelle, is sure to please children, and you will be happy to see their reaction. And in the interior of the children's room, it perfectly fits, pleasing the eyes of children and adults. And the instructions for sewing can be found below:

    Office stand for pens and pencils

    The life of an office worker is certainly connected with the use of pens and pencils, which, as luck would have, are constantly lost and lost, and exactly when they are most needed. To fix such an unpleasant situation, we suggest that you make a gift in a gift wooden stand or cork for pens and pencils. It will only be necessary to glue the supports under the hotter one and, selecting a drill of the required diameter, drill the required number of holes into which the stationery will be inserted.

    Original handmade soap

    Of course, the perfume and cosmetics industry offers a huge amount of soap to choose from. However, this exclusive, which will have the necessary nutritional, medicinal properties and at the same time will be very beautiful, can be done by one's own hands. The simplest method is as follows: a melted soap base is poured into a mold that can be made from improvised materials, for example, from a juice box, milk or kefir, and place a leaf with a beautiful pattern inside the liquid base. After putting in the refrigerator until it freezes. The result is a useful and beautiful exclusive gift.

    And you can add a little scraping particles, for example, from coffee beans, and we will get a hard face scrub.

    Master classes on soap making can also be found in the video:

    Pillow for hands

    Everyone who, somehow, spends a lot of time at the computer, will like the original cushion for hands, which will reduce the load on the brush. After all, you must have noticed how tired they are after a long work. Our pillow will depict a cat: let the mouse no longer feel so alone.

    Step-by-step photos of the manufacturing process:

    Solid perfume

    Perfume or toilet water is a traditional gift that we are used to choosing in a specialized perfume shop. But we propose to organize a branch of the perfume factory at home, making the hard perfume in the medallion itself. Feel yourself a perfumer, creating a unique fragrance. For work you will need:

    • medallion or case from pocket watch;
    • various oils;
    • beeswax.

    Mix essential oils by selecting and combining flavors. Then, melt and melt a little wax. While it's hot, pour the mixture into it and, until the mass is frozen, pour the mixture into the medallion. Literally in 15 minutes, the firm perfume will be ready.

    Halloween masks

    Funny souvenirs for Halloween, which you can give to your friends - the terrible masks of famous heroes, for example, the mask of Guy Fawkes, Jason or Saw:

    New Year's souvenirs

    For the New Year, I especially want to please all loved ones with small gifts.

    For example, it can be a memorable Christmas-tree photo-ball:

    A gypsum print of a trace of knobs and legs of a baby will be a wonderful gift for grandparents if it's creative color:

    Fragrant Christmas gifts can be made from sticks of cinnamon, spruce, pine, cedar cones,orange and asterisks:

    Delicious ginger biscuits or even a whole ginger house, sweet and fragrant jam, a jar of honey will please any sweet tooth:

    Put a little salt in the bead, a few black peppercorns and a slice of carrotteach "melted snowman."

    Well, by the new year, you can sew his character from the fabric - a monkey. Here are some patterns: