Bouquet of soft toys with their own hands step by step: a master class on making

  • Bouquet of soft toys with their own hands step by step: a master class on making

    In the family there is a small child and he needs a holiday every day. We will please the baby, as often as we want, if we learn how to make a bouquet of soft toys our own hands step by step instruction will show the whole process of work. The bouquet should be soft, so as not to injure and bulky to arouse interest. The comments are clear, and the chance to make a mistake is simply not there.

    Composition Hare in the sky

    Composition details:

    • rabbit hares, 10 cm / 5 pieces;
    • organza blue;Tadin blue and white;
    • cardboard or polystyrene;
    • corrugated paper of blue color;
    • satin ribbon and feather boa;
    • plastic tube about 20 cm and floristic wire;
    • adhesive tape is transparent;
    • scissors, stapler, thermo gun.

    Stages of execution:

    We cut out a conical frame from a foam plastic or fold a 15 cm high piece with a diameter of 25 cm. Cut the bottom corner and insert it into the tube. The outer part of the tube should be 12 cm.

    Foam foam is poured into the inner space of the bag, we wait for hardening for 8 hours and we clean the frozen material, forming a rounded surface of the frame.

    We wrap the workpiece with blue fake.

    We wrap the frame from the outside with the organza. Boa is located on top of the perimeter. With a satin ribbon we fix the organza.

    Bottom of the plush hare we pass a thick wire and bend it in half.

    We insert the hares on the wire into the frame, as we used to work with flowers on the wire, and drape the empty space with white fathin.

    At the final stage, you need to decorate the blue organza with the top of the frame and decorate it with beads.

    An important comment to the work that was viewed:

    The composition contains small fastening material( wire and beads).It can not be left with a child aged 3 to 5 years. After the joint celebration, imperceptibly pull out the small details from the composition and leave the toys on the carafe loose.

    Such a touching composition will be a joyous moment for any girl. Sister or girlfriend will appreciate your work. It's an uncomplicated bouquet of soft toys. A master class can be repeated on its own in 10 minutes.

    Will be in operation:

    • wicker basket, 3 bear 15-20 cm, bouquet of pink peonies 10-15 cm.;
    • yellow decorative fabric;
    • polystyrene foam for the base, scotch, teip, wire.

    Precise steps for its implementation:

    1. The wicker basket is selected as a frame. On its base is laid a decorative fabric of gold color.
    2. At the base of the basket have a foam and fix it with adhesive tape, covering with a decorative cloth.
    3. Artificial peonies put on wire and wrapped in green teip.
    4. At the bottom of the toys the wire is threaded, bent and turned into a paper clip.
    5. Teddy bear and flowers put wire on the frame. The middle of the bouquet is draped with a golden cloth and beads.

    Composition For a friend

    On the last birthday of my colleague, I wondered how to make a bouquet of soft toys for an adult, and that it remained touching and funny? "Specialists on plush bouquets will answer that if the composition is decorated in the form of a flower bouquet, then suchA gift will suit any friend.

    Choose the material:

    Any funny kittens, foxes, cubs up to 15 cm in size. Their price is around 60 rubles;

    Any packaging organza, brocade or satin;

    Any satin ribbon for fixing toys inside the frame or for tying decorative bows;

    Frame, any color you are interested in;

    Needle with thread or stapler.

    Manufacturing process:

    Tie a tape to the back of the toy and leave the long ends.

    Cut from the wrapping cloth wrap the toy and sew it on the side. The satin ribbon should be visible from the bottom of the tissue tube, and the toy - from above, as in this photo.

    Pull the fabric and pull up the resulting "skirt" under the toy

    Collect all the toys together.

    Use tape to secure them inside the frame.

    If desired, the frame can always be wrapped in an organza and put on the decor of beads. The following video shows a lot of ideas for such gifts.

    Do not be afraid to try in practice our master class for making bouquets of soft toys. Your work will always be unique. Two identical works will not work. And we need ideas for inspiration!