How to make jewelry from the skin with your own hands: master class with step-by-step photos

  • How to make jewelry from the skin with your own hands: master class with step-by-step photos

    Leather is an excellent material from which you can make wonderful unique jewelry. This article will offer ideas and instructions that will be useful for both beginners and experienced needlewomen, as they will help you to understand what and how to make leather jewelry. Namely, several variants of leather bracelets will be described, as well as how you can make a beautiful necklace of leather decorated with beads, in addition, the process of making necklaces using leather and fur will be described step by step.

    Video tutorials on this topic

    In the video posted in this article, the wizards will share secrets and tell you how to work properly with such material as the skin, and what ornaments from this material can be performed. In particular, it will be shown how to make an interesting brooch made of leather in the shape of a flower, how to make jewelry for hair using leather and fur, and will also demonstrate how to make jewelry made of stones and leather.

    Step-by-step MK

    In this article, a master class will be presented, how to make leather ornaments with the help of bracelets.

    In order to make a leather bracelet according to a simple scheme, you need a cut of leather with even sides and in the form of a rectangle, as well as scissors, adhesive tape and a fastener. First, the prepared cut of the skin should be secured with adhesive tape on a flat surface, then you should make the same cuts in the middle of the workpiece, i.e., having deviated the same distance from both edges, then you must tie the workpiece with the notches into a knot. Then you need to fasten the clasp, and the bracelet is ready.

    From the skin you can make a youth version of the bracelet, decorated with various beads, rhinestones. To work, you need cuts of leather, a bit of cotton fabric, glue, scissors and decor elements. First you need to cut strips of leather, then from the wrong side, you should glue the strips of fabric. After the base is ready, you can start decorating the front side. With the help of glue, you can attach small or large beads or other decor elements according to the idea. Also, you need to fasten the clasp and the product is ready.

    Looks stylishly made jewelry made of beads and leather, for example leather bracelets decorated with beads. In order to make such a bracelet, you need skin pieces, beads and a needle and thread. First of all, you need to prepare leather strips, then using a thread with a needle, beads must be sewn. As a fastener, you can sew a buttonhole and a button.

    In order to fulfill the original necklace, decorated with voluminous colors of leather, you will need leather, fine wire or any metal base, as well as scissors, glue and decor elements, for example, beads.

    First of all, it is necessary to cut out several pieces of different sizes from the pieces of skin, from which flowers will be collected. A metal base or a thin wire, on which flowers will be fastened, must be covered with leather. Then first attach a larger preform to the base, then attach smaller pieces to it. After the flower is collected, its core can be decorated with a bead. Similarly, you need to collect the right amount of colors and attach them to the base. At the edges of the necklace, you need to fix the same number of beads, fasten the clasp, and the decoration is ready.

    Below, one of the ways of making fur and leather ornaments will be described. To work, you need eight pieces of white square skin with sides four centimeters, eight pieces of fur also square, but with sides three and a half centimeters. You will also need a fabric, fishing line, glue, scissors and beads.

    First of the paper, you need to cut out two heart-shaped pieces four and three and a half centimeters wide, then, according to the patterns, you need to cut eight large hearts out of the skin, eight small ones from fur, and eight great hearts and eight small hearts must be cut out. The edges of leather parts are desirable to be processed over fire.

    Then you need to lay out, alternating, fur and leather blanks face down, then, along the entire row, you should hold four horizontal lines, cut off, according to these lines, four pieces of fishing line. For one piece of fishing line you do not need to string beads, on the other piece you should collect eighty beads, on the third piece - one hundred and twelve, for the fourth - one hundred and forty-four. Then four pieces of fishing line must be glued and the edges melt. On top of the leather and fur details should be glued the workpieces, cut from the fabric, and hide under them the edges of the line, then you need to fasten the clasp, and the decoration is ready.