Covers for chairs with their own hands: how to sew, universal patterns

  • Covers for chairs with their own hands: how to sew, universal patterns

    Covers on chairs again became fashionable apparel. Pouch is not only beautiful, but also convenient, if the cover is dirty, it can be removed and washed. Also the cover protects your chairs from the coins of pets. Everyone knows that our favorites just love to sharpen their claws, a cover made of dense fabric is suitable for protection. You can sew covers on chairs with your own hands, it will cost quite inexpensively, and you will renew your interior again.

    How to sew a cover on a chair?

    For sewing, you need to buy two meters of fabric per chair and make an accurate pattern, and then sew them. Cloth for covers can be not expensive, the main thing is that it is sufficiently dense because it will constantly experience a load. Covers for chairs: patterns can be varied. You just need to know the size of the chair.

    The accuracy of the pattern depends only on you, the more accurately you take the measurements, the more accurate the pattern will be. You should pay special attention to the legs, since they are often dilated at the bottom. Attach the paper to the seat and back of the chair and draw them with a pencil, then cut them out. The rest of the details have to be done with the help of calculations.

    Then you can proceed with the layout and calculate the expense of the fabric. One chair is necessary about two meters, because you should not forget about the allowances for seams and bends. If you are confident in your abilities, you can sew at once from good cloth, but it is best to try on inexpensive. Sewing covers on chairs takes a lot of time and energy, and most importantly a lot of patience. Do not start if you are impatient. To ensure that the covers do not slip, they must be fixed to the legs of the chair.

    Universal chair cover

    Consider a universal chair cover: the pattern of which will not take long. First you need to take measurements from the chair. Then make a pattern on paper, and only then you can make a pattern on the fabric. Before cutting, the fabric is best washed, because it can sit down. That for you it was not a surprise, when after washing the cover will sit down.

    But it's much cheaper and easier to sew only a cover on the back of a chair. This is suitable if the chairs are in good condition and you just want to decorate your interior. In order to sew the cover on the backrest, it is necessary to measure the height and width of the backrest, but the width must be measured in several places. Do not forget to add a few centimeters to the seams and the thickness of the back.

    Covers for the back of the chair should be made white. You can decorate them for any holiday, be it a wedding, a New Year or a birthday.

    You can still decorate chairs with only a piece of cloth. But choose a beautiful fabric. Wrap the fabric on the back of the chair with a margin on the back of the back. Then tie it beautifully. You can add flowers or any decorative ornaments there.

    That's how you can decorate your home with little manipulation. And most importantly, here you can include fantasy and your work will be unique. You can easily impress your guests with your craftwork.