How to weave a choker from different materials around your neck and on your arm: a diagram, as well as photos and videos

  • How to weave a choker from different materials around your neck and on your arm: a diagram, as well as photos and videos

    A choker is an ornament made of threads, pearls and bugles, as a rule, they are worn on the neck, closely. At the moment, at all fashion shows in a row with conventional ornaments, chokers are widely used. You can make such decorations from the line, then they will be more elastic, they are called tattoo chokers.

    Below are the options, from which you can weave such a baubles.

    Option 1: from threads

    Such a choker of simple threads can not be difficult to weave even beginner needlewomen. To make it, you will need thread, round pliers, scissors, suspension and clear varnish.

    First of all, work on the suspension, cover it with a clear varnish. This is necessary so that it does not start to rust or irritate the skin.

    Suspend the suspension so it is completely dry. Now we begin to weave a bracelet of friendship, it will be with a fringe. Take the 6 threads for the base and attach them with adhesive tape to any suitable base.

    Take the first thread with which you will work, it should be 10 - 15 cm. Fix it to the right of the base, as shown in the photo.

    Now twist each warp thread with the right knot, as shown below.

    When the first row is finished, leave the thread and begin to weave the second, right under the previous one. Threads can be taken in different colors or one. Continue until all the colors are used.

    Repeat the sequence of colors until the bracelet becomes the desired length. When you are done, you need to trim all the excess so that there is not a very long fringe. After this, braid the ropes in the braids on both sides.

    Now let's fix the suspension. Take the connecting ring and unclasp it. Pass between the lower and the next rows and mount the suspension, pinch. Now you know how to weave a choker out of thread. To make such an ornament, you can apply different techniques of weaving a bouquet from a mulina, any of them will do.

    Master class No. 2: from the line( so-called "tattoo")

    Such chokers are called tattoos, since from a distance they resemble a pattern on the skin. To make such an ornament is not difficult, let's consider an example of creating a choker on the neck. To do this, you need a line length of 3 - 4 m, scissors, clerical clamp and a book.

    Take the cut line and fold it in half, attach it with a clerical clamp to the book.

    The line needs to be tightened properly, so that creases and knots do not form.

    Take one end and fold the other end so that a loop is formed. Now repeat the same, only with the other end of the line, the node should look the other way.

    Do this until you reach the desired length. When the work is finished, attach the accessories to your taste. That's it, the product is ready.

    This kind of fenn can be done and on hand, then it turns out the whole kit. Also, if you want, you can change the color of the line or weave the beads. Knowing the basics of how to weave a tattoo choker, you can experiment not only with color, but also with the shape and the addition of decorative elements.

    It is possible to weave a tattoo-choker not only from a fishing line, for such an ornament the old earphones perfectly suit. The main thing is that the thickness of the wire is about the same as the line, otherwise the pattern will not work.

    To tattoo the tattoo-choker from the headphones, you do not need any knowledge, since it is played the same way as from the fishing line.

    Below is a video with which you can quickly and easily learn how to weave such decorations, and in an hour you will have new ornaments.

    From the inactive headphones:

    From the line:

    Another version of the beadwork:

    From the tape:

    And here's the diagram:

    As you can see from the videos offered, the chokers are quite easy to do, so include the imagination, shake out the old onesstocks from the cabinet and start creating new decorations. Material for such a fennel is found in any girl, you only need to show imagination. Good luck in creating new masterpieces!