Recipes for the New Year 2012 - recipes for the New Year 2012

  • Recipes for the New Year 2012 - recipes for the New Year 2012

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    The blue-black water Dragon has already woken up and is preparing for the road, which will be stretched for the whole of 2012.Although this fairy-tale creature now lives in the eastern water kingdom, we, who grew up in Russian folk tales, seem to be fire-breathing, thereby embodying in our consciousness two incompatible elements - fire and water.

    In order to meet the Dragon cheerfully and dignifiedly, he prepares for his arrival better seriously and thoughtfully. The dragon does not like disrespectful attitude towards himself, so attention should be paid to choosing a New Year attire, and in gifts to relatives and friends, and, of course, in drawing up a New Year's menu.

    This wonderful holiday is always different in our hospitality and hospitality - guests are invited, presents are presented, a terrific table is laid. It's not for nothing that people say: "How to celebrate the New Year, so spend it!".

    Olivier as a legacy of the "soviet" past

    New Year's salad Olivier
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    Even in recent times, having entered New Year's Eve in any house, it was possible to taste the standard set - "Olivier", cold meat, cabbage rolls and "Napoleon", sometimes an exception"hostess dish" mistress, cooked from a hard-earned deficit - like baked sandwiches with sprats under mayonnaise or salad with crab sticks, abundantly dressed with the same mayonnaise. As a consequence of the mayonnaise "idyll", the beginning of the new year for many coincided with the appearance of the usual, but such "extortion" heartburn.

    Although many holiday salads need mayonnaise dressing, you should not abuse it, but instead you can add sour cream or kefir to some dishes, or simply dilute mayonnaise with sour cream, which will make any dressed salad more acceptable for the stomach.

    What does the Eastern calendar of

    advise us New Year's Eve dishes on the Eastern calendar

    Today, the recipes for dishes for the new year are significantly different from those common in the past. New trends have changed the established views and tastes, and the available information, which the Internet generously shares with us, allows not only to diversify the New Year's table, but also to surprise the guests with unusual dishes, originally designed and stunningly tasty, intriguing with their combinations.

    According to the eastern customs, it is impossible to serve beef in the year of the Bull at the New Year's table, in the year of Rabbit - rabbit and so on. .. As the question of the "dragon" is not worth it, and there is nobody going to it, then everything can be served on the tablePreference should still be given to fresh and freshly prepared foods, rather than semi-finished products.

    It is advisable that the recipes for the new year 2012 differ by the simplicity of preparation, which does not take much time. Then you will have the opportunity to spend time and yourself, to do hair, make-up and New Year's attire. The dragon is a lover of bright colors. Red, blue, green and yellow will be very handy, but in order not to anger the monster, black must also be present in the outfit.

    There is no doubt that the recipes for the new year 2012 will suit the taste of this mysterious Dragon and all guests. Drakosha loves not only delicious and original treats, but also the beauty of the design, and to appease him, you will have to rash and prepare new recipes for the new year. Since the Dragon lives in water poetry, then on the table must necessarily be fish and seafood. But the fire side of his nature should not be forgotten, so this dish, like pancakes in French, poured with rum and set on fire when served on the table, will be very handy.

    New Year recipes

    Crepes in French

    Crepes in French

    Crepes love everything, and cooked and served to the table in such a wonderful way they will become a delicacy, which is preferred.

    Mix 100 g of flour, a pinch of salt, 50 g of sugar, 3 eggs and beaten with a mixer or whisk. Then add 250 ml of milk, mix well and leave for 2 hours, and then bake pancakes in butter.

    Melt 50 g of butter, add a packet of vanilla sugar, 100 g of orange juice and a little bit of zest. The mixture is poured into a frying pan, put there folded four pancakes and hold for 5 minutes on low heat. Transfer to a plate, pour liqueur or rum, set on fire and serve.

    Fruit Salad "Sweet Dragon"

    Fruit Salad

    With a few washed oranges cut off the "hats", gently remove the flesh, so as not to damage the skin.

    Sauce: 100 g of sour cream to beat from 2 tbsp.spoons of powdered sugar and a pinch of vanilla sugar.

    Cut 1 kiwi, 2 tangerines, 1 banana, 1 pear, add a few berries( can be frozen), 1 pomegranate grains, a few grapes and a pulp of oranges.

    Mix everything, adding sauce, and fill with a mixture of baskets from the peel of oranges. On top decorate with kernels of nuts.

    New Year's salad "Winter Dream"

    New Year's salad For salad preparation you can take canned saury in your own juice or in oil. It is good to knead the fork with fish, add the yolks of 2 boiled eggs.

    1 fresh cucumber, 100 g of dried apricots and fresh herbs finely chop, add to the paste, obtained from yolks and saury, mix and roll from the resulting mass of small balls. Then they need to be greased with mayonnaise and roll in the grated egg and egg whites.

    Stuffed fish

    Stuffed fish

    To prepare this dish you need to take the whole fish with the head. Suitable carp, pike or pike perch. First it needs to be gutted, and then cut into 6-8 thick slices.

    2 bulbs are blanched in hot water, finely chopped. Salmon fillet, 2 boiled eggs, too, finely chop, 1 grate carrots. Mix everything, add 2 spoons of flour, 2 whipped egg whites, 3 tbsp.spoons of powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt and a few crushed almond kernels.

    With the resulting mixture, fill the abdominal cavity of each piece of fish, then put the slices in shape so that they resemble an integral fish, add onions cut into rings and carrots in circles. Add a little water and put in the oven for 1 hour. After 45 minutes, the fish should be sprinkled with the remains of almonds.

    You can serve on the table either hot or cold.

    Salmon rolls with cheese

    Salmon rolls with cheese Put the smoked salmon on a thin layer with a thin layer. Lubricate with cream cheese and roll. Cool and cut into small slices, each time well wetting the knife. Serve well chilled.

    Salad "Pine cones"


    Boil 4 potatoes and 3 eggs in a uniform. Grate all individually on a large grater. Finely chop 200 grams of smoked chicken meat, 1 small onion finely chopped, turn over with boiling water, 200 g of melted cheese grate, mix it with finely chopped any nuts.

    Put everything on a plate in the form of two cones in layers: potatoes, meat, onions, canned corn, eggs, cheese with nuts, lubricating each layer with mayonnaise.

    From above again cover with mayonnaise and decorate with almonds so that the salad looks like cones. For ornament decorate with a branch of rosemary.

    Salad "Pomegranate bracelet"


    2 large beets, 4 potatoes, 2 large carrots to boil. After the vegetables have cooled, separately rub them on a large grater, add the beans to the halves of the pomegranate in the beetroot.

    Cut in small cubes 2 onions and 500 g of boiled chicken, add a handful of chopped nuts and divide into two pieces. All vegetables and meat separately mixed with a small amount of mayonnaise.

    Put a glass in the middle, slightly greased with vegetable oil on the outside, around it lay the layers of potatoes, onions, one half of chicken meat, carrots, the second half of meat, beets. Garnish with the seeds of the second half of the pomegranate. Take the glass carefully.

    Dietary celery-apple salad

    Dietary celery-apple salad

    Cut 2 green apples, grate a small celery root, add a handful of raisins and a handful of chopped walnuts, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tbsp.spoon of mayonnaise and 200 ml of skimmed yogurt, squeeze out the juice of lime halves. Mix everything well, decorate with kernels of nuts.

    From the history of

    From the history of the New Year

    Our ancestors celebrated the New Year in different ways depending on the era. In the time of Peter I, who, incidentally, legitimized this holiday, the New Year table did not delight in abundance, all attention was paid to fun and fun. Dances, sports games, masquerades, fireworks - it was such entertainments, introduced by Peter, were inherent in that time.

    Only in the second half of the 18th century under Catherine II the New Year table began to grow rich. He was served pies with different fillings, compotes, jellies, kissels, geese in apples, pancakes, trout boiled in wine, fried pellets. Probably, the influence of the favorite of the tsarina Count Orlov, a famous gourmet, had an effect on Catherine, who was noted for moderation and simplicity in eating.

    Historians talk about one amazing dish, served as a surprise to the Empress's New Year table by her French cook. Of the large olives, stones were removed, and instead of them, anchovy pieces were laid, then the lark was stuffed with olives, which in turn served as a filling for the partridge. The partridge was embedded in a pheasant, which was stuffed with a piglet. The recipe for this masterpiece was kept in strict confidence, but all the secret things become obvious. .. Some grandee bribed one of the chefs, and the culinary "matryoshka" invented by the Frenchman became known as the "Empress".It was under this name that a fantastic recipe was given to gourmets of that time.

    A little later, at the beginning of the XIX century, a popular belief spread - if there is a bird for the New Year, your happiness will fly away - which limited the number of dishes on the New Year's table cooked from a bird. It was then that the main new-year delicacy was a suckling pig, stuffed with buckwheat porridge, which was placed in the center of the table, and everyone should try it.

    Dragon salad