• Stomach ache

    1. PAIN IN THE LEGAL SUB-REGION.If it is accompanied by repeated vomiting and fever, it is an inflammation of the gallbladder. It is necessary immediately to go on a diet, to refuse from the use of sharp and fatty dishes. The diet should be salt-free.

    2. SUCKS UNDER THE FALSE.There may be a slight inflammation of the stomach or duodenum. This is the most common form of pain, but there is no reason for panic. Such pain is common among middle-aged and older people. But if the pain is persistent, does not go through 10-15 minutes, there is a suspicion of an ulcer. Before you go to the exam( and it is necessary), try to provide yourself first aid. Distribute food intake for 6-7 times a day. Eat more milk and less carbohydrates

    3. PAIN DOWN THE ANIMAL, RIGHT.It's appendicitis, and it's best to call a doctor.

    4. PAIN DOWN THE ANIMAL, LEFT.It can be an inflammation of the lower parts of the large intestine. If the diagnosis is correct, then there will be accompanying symptoms - stool, rumbling in the abdomen, increased gas formation. You will have to give up fresh fruits and vegetables, you can not drink milk and eat seasonings and black bread.

    5. PAIN DISTRIBUTES AROUND THE LUMB.Let's try to touch the upper or left abdomen. If to you thus becomes more sickly, means, we deal with an inflammation of a pancreas. We exclude everything fried, the patient needs hunger, cold and complete rest. In acute cases, you should see a doctor. In general, with pain in the abdomen is very dangerous to drink at random anesthetics. Tablets only dull the pain and simultaneously extinguish the clinical picture of the disease. The doctor, however, without finding a banal appendicitis or mesenteric thrombosis, can not make any other diagnosis.25 people from every thousand patients with appendicitis die precisely because of an incorrect diagnosis. But if you are well examined and are confident in your diagnosis, then you can fight with pain yourself.

    As advised by therapist O. Aleksandrov, with exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, ANALGIN, SEDALGIN, PENTALGIN and other similar drugs are effective. The enzymes PANZINORM and FESTAL help well. From pain caused by renal colic, spasmolytics - NO-SHPA, PAPAVERIN, GALIDOR, will help. An attack of chronic calculous cholecystitis is easier to transfer if you use ANALGIN, PAPAVERIN, BUT-SHPU or SPAZMOLYTIN powder. Dyskinesia of the biliary tract, or the so-called acalculous cholecystitis, requires the use of cholagogue preparations. Doctors recommend FLAMIN, FLAKUMIN, HOLESIM, AL-LOHOL( in tablets), HOLASAS( syrup), peppermint infusion. With peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenal ulcer, as well as gastritis with increased secretion, drugs neutralizing hydrochloric acid will help. This is ALMAGEL, FOSFALUGEL, MAALOX.From the folk methods it makes sense to try a solution of soda or milk.

    With abdominal pain

    Make an enema with warm water. Sometimes it is recommended to add a little vegetable oil to the enema. You should drink tea from peppermint or cumin. It is recommended to rub the stomach with camphor alcohol. Help warmers with hot water, imposed on the stomach.

    In diseases of the alimentary canal: gastritis, dyspepsia, poor digestion, heartburn, gases in the stomach.

    It is recommended to drink juice of raw potatoes - one glass in the morning on an empty stomach, then go to bed for half an hour. In an hour you can have breakfast. Carry out a course of treatment 10 days. Break - 10 days and again 10-day treatment, second break - 10 days for the third time to repeat the 10-day treatment.