New Year's joke scenario of 2014 - comic skits

  • New Year's joke scenario of 2014 - comic skits

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    For the New Year, each of us is waiting for miracles and a fairy tale, no matter whether it is an adult or a child. Therefore, many people like this holiday and with great pleasure celebrate. But many parents each time before the holiday have questions and, consequently, the problem: how and what can surprise your child and what to do to make the holiday unforgettable, so that on this day everything was interesting? In this case, the main thing is that there is a desire to implement the plan, and the other moments - a small trifle.

    For each child, the holiday starts at the moment when he and his parents decorate the fluffy tree, which is the main attribute of the miracle. From this very moment, the expectation of a fairy tale begins, which we all know very well from childhood. It's possible to create a New Year's fairy tale, with no special effort required. Enough little desire, a little time and a lot of imagination.

    Children at the

    To arrange a truly good holiday, you first need to invite guests( it should be borne in mind that New Year's performances for children should take place earlier than adults "gatherings", and therefore it is also time to calculate in order to make it allprepare).A small number of small viewers will be just intrigued by the upcoming holiday, and their parents at this time will be happy to help them participate in the presentation. To begin with, you need to write a comic script for the New Year 2014 for children. If several people are involved in compiling it, it turns out to be much more interesting and rich, so do not hesitate to ask for help from relatives and friends.

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    When developing the scenario, several basic points should be adhered to:

    1. Define the theme of the New Year's meeting.
    2. Characters( fairy, cartoon and others).
    3. Costumes.
    4. Competitions, riddles and awards for them.
    5. Presence of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

    The flight of fantasy in the event is unlimited: New Year can be found in distant space or on the seabed. Contests can be different - from competitions for the knowledge of poems, New Year's songs, to the competition for the most colorful costume or the fulfillment of New Year's greetings, the solution of puzzles, the cutting of snowflakes, etc. Not only children but also their parents take part in the competitions. To make a comic script easier and faster to invent, it is best to remember the "winter" tales and cartoons, where events occur for the New Year. Free your imagination and you will necessarily succeed.

    Costumed New Year

    The more the characters in the show, the more exciting and interesting it will be. When choosing the actors, it is necessary to take into account the preferences and interest of your children. Most often these are cartoon characters, but it happens that some children are addicted to serious things, for example, history or astronomy, dinosaurs or anatomy. At the end of the holiday, you can invite Grandfather Frost. To date, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden can be ordered at the post office or in various organizations. But you must first ask advice from friends who have already used such services to protect themselves and their children from unpleasant surprises.

    A child in a Piero costume

    You should not worry about buying costumes, as they can be easily done by yourself. In this case, external similarity is not necessary. Spectators from the heart can have fun, and the children will show how well they know fairy tales. In principle, any suit can be made from plastic bags, which are used in everyday life, while not spending much time. For the water suit, blue plastic bags will be needed, and for the costume of Pierrot white pajamas are perfect. For the hair of Baba Yaga or Kikimora, nylon pantyhose is perfect, and for the Leopold cat costume, only a large lilac bow will be needed, which can be made from a ribbon or scarf. You can do almost everything, if you do not forget to include fantasy in time.

    Gift to the winner of the contest

    When preparing for the holiday, you also need to think about what awards will be for the winners of the competitions and, of course, do not forget about New Year's gifts. It is not necessary to buy expensive things, for this ordinary souvenirs are perfect. Children are very fond of sweet rewards. Ordinary caramels will please both the child and the adult alike. In addition, in stores are selling special souvenir kits for various holidays. Although, why waste, if all the awards can be taken from the festive table?

    New Year - without a doubt, everyone's favorite holiday. The main thing to remember is that, whatever representation parents have prepared, still the holiday will remain the most beloved for the child and the best. The child is not a professional director and will not be able to notice the failures of his parents. The main thing is that a child should see that his parents love him.