What to wear for the New Year 2013 - what to wear for 2013 New Year's Eve

  • What to wear for the New Year 2013 - what to wear for 2013 New Year's Eve

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    Internet pages vying with each other tell us what to wear for the New Year-2013.No wonder - the holiday is already so close. .. And we begin to see off the old year more often and meet a new one, weaving our customs of the East. After all, Cats, Dragons, Snakes came to us from there. .. We are already used to being interested in those who will become the patron of the next year, his preferences, nature, character. Who knows what the Chinese sages thought about, calling each year their own name, but we are not going to argue with the wisdom of the East. Let everything go along the already well-marked course, and we will follow the current. .. beyond the horoscope. And since the mistress of the coming year will be a snake, and even black, then, naturally, the outfits must correspond precisely to its color and its elements.

    Approach to choosing a wardrobe, as you guessed, this time will not be at all standard. And first, let's go through the zodiac signs.

    Each of their twelve signs is known to have a patroness-planet. It is for her to predict and the nature of man, and his fate with all significant events. Therefore, thinking about what to wear for New Year's Eve in 2013, we'll risk taking advantage of the characteristics of the zodiac signs.

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    The Sun

    Let's start with the Sun. This is the patron of those who were born under the bright sign of Leo, who gave his wards an unrestrained love for a bright life, a vivid force of self-expression( especially in creativity), a talent to shine among friends and colleagues in the first roles. And this means that the subjects of the Sun will always be queens and at a big ball, and on a quiet party. The natural outfit of Lionesses can very well be bright and to some extent carnival. They can afford it. Let it be a classic bright red dress, or a golden dress. And better - the longest, to the very floor of the iridescent satin with flickering sequins on the fabric or sparks of the golden lama. Passing in such a garment with a proud head and with a royal bearing, you can not not become the center of attention. If the choice falls on a plain fabric, be sure to wear flashy accessories from silver( to red) or gold( to yellow).And the image will complement the handbag-clutch in a strict style. Necessarily - boats on heels in the tone of the dress.


    The moon is a gentle, feminine, romantic patroness of all those who were born under the sign of timid, kind Cancer. Remember the goddess of hunting, young beauty Diana, who amazed not only the hearts of men who saw her once, but all the animals she met. If the moon is your patron, leave the image of Diana. You will like a short, silver-tinged dress, in addition to a bracelet of silver or even pearls, with shoes on a small heel, is such an image of a freedom-loving and yet so sweet and romantic girl. Even more romanticism will make in the image a dress made of delicate air chiffon, the best accessories to which will be jewelry made of silver and a pendant with a soft blue moonstone.


    Venus is the patroness and protector of Libra with Taurus. It was she who gave her signs impeccable taste, a sense of moderation and harmony in absolutely everything. It concerns also clothes. Children of Venus sometimes find it so difficult to find the right suit or dress for themselves. They want both elegance, and romanticism, and sexuality at the same time. But they also have what to wear for the New Year. You have to start with your underwear. Only the highest quality, otherwise, in any, even the most irresistible outfit, they will not feel comfortable and comfortable. It is necessary to have a "zest".Well, for example - erotic garters for Italian stockings. Laces with silk are able to quickly cheer up. The color of Venus, according to the horoscope, is green. A luscious dark green loves not only Venus, but also the Serpent. A long, stern, well-fitting dress will look just gorgeous. And, of course, heels under the dress. Without it, nothing at all.


    Mercury - a quick messenger of the gods, patronizes the intellectual Gemini and pedantic Virgo. Do not even start experiments with multi-layered clothing and a huge amount of detail on it. Let it be a single accessory, but expensive and therefore noticeable. He will give confidence much more than unnecessary and even superfluous cheap tinsel. Dress-case made of monochrome material( dark blue, dark green, black) for earrings made of bugles or Swarovski crystal will become a worthy background. And, of course, shoes with a small platform and hairpin.


    Mars - fearless, resolute, strong. And the same features gave his children: the Scorpions and Aries. The temperament of these signs is known to everyone, and therefore their image can become bright, sexual, intriguing, provocative. Here is appropriate and the image of rock stars, and trousers with iridescent top, and even an air dress with hand embroidery. These characters are allowed to play with color, diluting, for example, strict black with purple or even crimson. But, given the nature of the hostess of the coming year, perhaps, it is worth taking care of and not provoking excessive brightness. Even if you decide to dress modestly, obstructions to the goal will be taken away by your patron Mars.


    Jupiter is a wise ruler, giving an opportunity for his wards to live richly and blessedly. He took under his wing the guardianship of Streltsy and Pisces. The color of Jupiter is soft blue, like flowing. Therefore, dresses for celebrating choose blue, flowing. And here is not necessary a narrow classics. Jupiter is freedom-loving, and therefore, in the clothes, you can also allow some liberty. But Jupiter will not tolerate cheap jewelry. However, like the Serpent. Here, too, shoes are appropriate on the platform and a small heel( small for those who are going to dance the night away), but no one has canceled the studs, so if you are sure that you can stand it - go for it!


    Saturn - the most serious, most severe planet, requiring rigor and from Aquarius with Capricorn. The depth of color, refinement of lines, sophisticated shapes will be required for the children of Saturn. Here it is better to stop on strict dresses, narrow skirts. Ideal will be the shredded silk, fur cape and shoes in tone along with a high heel.


    Snake - the lady demanding, circumstantial. So think about the outfit in advance. He must become one. Impeccable and complete.