Dishes for the New Year 2016 - prepare for the New Year

  • Dishes for the New Year 2016 - prepare for the New Year

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    Comes in 2016, the Monkey. Monkey is a creative and at the same time capricious and fickle animal. It is very important to correctly meet the year of the Fiery Red Monkey: in the right colors, conditions, setting.

    Of particular importance is, of course, the design of the New Year's table and what you will treat your relatives, guests and hostess of the coming year. Dishes for the New Year 2016 should be cooked in accordance with the monkey's preferences and served in a certain way. Monkey likes blue, green, purple, red, yellow, black and pink colors. Knowing this, you can use them when serving the table and decorating dishes. Each of these colors can be combined and varied in its own way.

    What a Monkey likes

    Before the New Year, probably, every mistress carefully thinks out what dishes to prepare for the holiday. It is important that this year the festive table is not saturated with fatty and rich foods and dishes. It is not necessary to emphasize different meat dishes, although it is not necessary to completely exclude them.

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    Please note! The main thing that on the table there were vegetarian dishes, and the table decoration was green and exotic fruits.
    Exotic fruits
    • New Year's dishes should be prepared with desire and soul, then it will be easier to please the guests.
    • Each dish can be decorated and laid out in its own way. Ordinary salad can be served in tartlets or in the form of a cone simulating a Christmas tree, or laid out in the form of a snowman, Santa Claus or other New Year's symbol.
    • If children will be present at the New Year's table, then for them it is necessary to think over individual treats.

    Table for children


    Hot dishes must be present on the New Year's table, because without them, as a rule, there is no holiday at all. The best decisions this year will be the second dishes from chicken or fish baked in the oven. You can get away from standard recipes and cook some interesting dishes. For example, pork rolls with prunes and cheese. This recipe of the dish is very simple and tasty, and most importantly, exquisite and unusual.

    Rolls with prunes and brynza

    Pork rolls

    To prepare this dish you will need:

    • pork, rather lean, suitable for chops - 500 g,
    • prunes - 100 g,
    • slightly brynza,
    • sour cream - a small jar of purchased( 180g),
    • mustard,
    • olive oil and basil or other spices( to taste).

    First you need to prepare the meat, wash it well, cut it into small pieces and discard, and then start cooking the sauce directly. To do this, mix all the other ingredients. Each piece of meat to spread the sauce on both sides, and then lay on the pieces of meat finely chopped prunes and cheese. Rolled rolls and put on a baking sheet, pre-oiled with olive oil. In the oven rolls should be about an hour. The more, the more delicious. It all depends on what consistency of sauce you want to get, well, most importantly, not to burn the rolls themselves.

    Baked potatoes with mushrooms and greens

    Potatoes with mushrooms in the oven

    This recipe does not take you much time, but on the table will be a very tasty dish. And decorated with greenery, mind you. The number of products in the recipe is enough to prepare two servings. To feed a large number of guests, you need to increase everything proportionally.

    So, prepare:

    • 5-6 medium-sized potatoes,
    • 300 g champignons, you can slightly more or slightly less, depending on how you like it,
    • 200 g cheese,
    • sour cream from 3 to 5 st.spoons,
    • one onion,
    • vegetable oil and greens.
    Please note! Mushrooms are heavily stuck.

    Mushrooms are fried in a frying pan in vegetable oil. Meanwhile, the potatoes need to be washed, cleaned, cut, and salt. Chop the onions and herbs. We put everything on a baking sheet, previously oiled with olive oil, with layers: first potatoes, then mushrooms, then again potatoes, grease the top layer with sour cream;three cheese, sprinkle and send to the oven for 40 minutes before the appearance of a golden crust. Sprinkle the potatoes from above with greens. Here is ready a great dish to the table!


    As for desserts, the main thing is that on the table there must be bananas. After all, everyone knows that monkeys are extremely indifferent to them. Festive desserts can be prepared on their basis.



    For example, very easy to prepare a banana smoothie with ice cream. The taste of this masterpiece is simply awesome! In a blender, put one banana( peeled, naturally), add a couple of vanilla ice cream balls, then add a glass of orange or mango juice. Beat and serve, overflow into a tall glass, with a wide straw.


    How on New Year's Eve do without a festive cake? In fact, it's very simple, as a rule, it's very rare for him to get to the point, which indicates a successful holiday. But the next day, the cake will be 100 percent by the way. You can cook absolutely any cake, but decorate with exotic fruits: oranges, tangerines, kiwi, bananas.

    If you want to defeat the Monkey on the spot, then prepare an orange-banana cake. Here is a recipe with a photo.

    Orange-banana cake


    • half a glass of powdered sugar,
    • glass of orange juice,
    • three oranges and three bananas,
    • gelatin - 40 g,
    • sour cream - 800 g( can be replaced with yoghurt or other sour milk product that you like),
    • flour - 100 g,
    • sugar - 100 g,
    • butter - 100 g,
    • eggs - 2 pcs.,
    • peel of one lemon,
    • one teaspoon of baking powder and vanilla sugar.

    While the oven is warming up to 170 degrees, line the baking sheet with paper, combine the sifted flour and baking powder in the bowl, add eggs, melted butter, sugar and ground lemon peel. Stir. Pour the dough into a mold and bake in the oven for about half an hour. Gelatin fill with orange juice and leave to swell for 30-40 minutes. Sour cream or yogurt whisk with sugar powder, add crushed peel of oranges. Peeled oranges cut into circles, remove bones. Gelatine dissolve over low heat. Finished biscuit break into pieces. Take a bowl, preferably in the form of a hemisphere, cover it with a film, so that there are free edges. Bottom and edges lay out with circles of oranges and bananas, then lay layers of biscuit and fruit layer by layer until the bowl is filled. Slightly cooled gelatin pour into sour cream, constantly stirring at the same time, and fill this mixture with all layers. Cover the bowl with a film and put it in the refrigerator to freeze for at least four hours. Then you can serve on the table.

    We wish you good luck in preparing new dishes and good mood in the New Year 2016!