How to congratulate parents on the New Year - congratulations to parents

  • How to congratulate parents on the New Year - congratulations to parents

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    The most magical and enchanting holiday of all existing is the celebration of the coming year. This bright, amazing holiday of magic with an elegant Christmas tree, colorful garlands, fancy dresses, the kindest wishes and long-awaited gifts like old and young.

    In the busy New Year's Eve, when it is necessary to clean the apartment or house, find fresh and tasty products for a festive dinner, prepare gifts for family and friends, friends and colleagues, write dozens of sms-congratulations, messages in social networks, representatives of "weak" sexalready in the last turn think about how to congratulate parents on the New Year 2014.

    Where to start

    How to start congratulating

    People of age especially appreciate the warmth and care expressed in words, storeesyatiletiyami postcards and letters to loved ones in high-end heart caskets. From time to time they take out the old letters from the coveted box and repeatedly re-read the familiar lines. The soul instantly acquires joy and peace, wrinkles are smoothed out, and a soft kind smile covers their amazing faces.

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    Congratulations to your beloved father and mother, it is important to choose emotional words full of love and warmth. The penetrating thought is material, its magical power is able to protect our loved ones from any adversity and trouble. Wishes for the parents of the heroic, "Siberian" health, luck, family happiness and kindness, fulfillment of the most cherished desires, expressed in the most sincere and warm feelings, will not only give our beloved parents a fairytale and extraordinary holiday, but also will come true.

    Sincere congratulations to

    In congratulating the closest people you need to put your soul, please them with a sincere text intended only for them. Do not try to quickly congratulate your parents with rubbish and banal words, just to hide your embarrassment. They will give you a restrained gratitude, but for yourself they will note that you did not find a small time window for them to pick up intimate words. But, if you think and remember what your native person dreams about, his character, bright events of life that unite you, kind and sincere wishes will be found by themselves.

    You can find playful and funny congratulations for dear people, they will amuse and cheer your warm company, create a relaxed atmosphere of communication with parents of your loved children of any age.

    Year of the Blue-Green Horse

    Year of the Blue-Green Horse

    This holy duty of every person, while his parents are alive, can not be replaced by the usual presenting of a gift. In the Hollywood melodrama "All the way through" actor Robert de Niro as a father tried to restore warm relations with children and collect them at the same table. Canvoy traced his emotional experiences about his uselessness, about how much parents consider important that children do not forget them. Therefore, do not bother about the high cost or originality of the material gift. If you are far from your father's house, go to your close people and spend a New Year's holiday with them. The best gift you can never come up with!

    Congratulating your parents with a warm or funny text message, in prose or verse, be sure to visit them personally, even if you plan to spend a New Year's holiday with your loved one or in a noisy company of friends. It does not matter if you have time for them before the battle of the chimes or you will come already in the coming year: they will always be glad to you.

    What to give to parents

    Original and caring gifts for the New 2014 for parents will be gizmos for their hobbies. A good fishing boat or a fishing rod, fishing tackles or a thermos for winter fishing will bring joy to the Pope. The parent-motorist with admiration will receive a certificate to the auto-bamboo store or mobile hand-free installation for the phone.

    Mom-needlewoman will be delighted with the embroidery kit with markers-novelties, not fouling the canvas.

    Although cosmetics are considered quite a banal gift for the New Year, but a good set of quality therapeutic anti-aging products will be your mother's secret dream. It's worth it, so parents do not risk buying it for their daily use. Your care will thoroughly please them.

    Mitten in a gift

    A practical dad can be presented with comfortable shaving accessories or stylish business accessories made of genuine leather. If the pope continues to smoke, then give him a souvenir smoking pipe or a stylish lighter. A warm scarf, classic tie or leather gloves will not only please parents, but also remind you daily of you.

    If it is possible to facilitate everyday life for parents, then modern devices: a toaster or blender, a microwave or a juicer will be an excellent gift to native people, since often elderly people save on comfort and consider such purchases a luxury.

    Original greetings

    Homemade postcard

    If you have planned a march to your parents by all members of your family, then you can change clothes and make yourself dressed in Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. This will give a lot of bright cheerful emotions to you and your family, and also will be remembered for a long time.

    Going to their parents to congratulate them on the New Year 2014, take with them a piece of their own loving heart! It will tell you how to give the best gift and accompany it with sincere and warm words of love!