How to strengthen teeth - strengthening of teeth

  • How to strengthen teeth - strengthening of teeth

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    Everyone knows that most diseases are associated with improper oral hygiene. Such ailments as periodontitis, periodontitis are a consequence of weakened enamel of the teeth and their instability in the gum. How to strengthen your teeth? To ensure that your smile was not just white, but healthy, you should adhere to the basic rules of dental care.

    Proper and balanced nutrition

    Food for strengthening the teeth

    You should eat calcium-containing foods( cottage cheese, cheese, fish, etc.).In addition, the diet should contain products containing a large number of macro- and microelements, they contribute to strengthening the teeth.

    Here is a list of products from which you can make a very tasty menu:

    • berries;
    • fruits( oranges, pears, grapefruits, tangerines, melons, pineapples);
    • vegetables( tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage, celery);
    • vegetable, fruit juices without sugar;
    • fruit and vegetable canned food in its own juice;
    • lacquer products( bread, fried corn without oil, cereals, cookies, pasta);
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    • dairy products( yoghurt, milk);
    • meat products( liver, turkey, chicken);
    • nuts and seeds( sunflower seeds and pumpkin, hazelnuts, almonds);
    • is important to limit the consumption of salt in food, as is known, it destroys the enamel of the teeth and flushes calcium from the body.

    Restriction in the consumption of hot drinks

    Effect of coffee on the health of teeth

    Fans of hot tea or coffee should remember that high temperatures damage the enamel of the teeth, they become more sensitive to salty, sour, cold foods.

    Restriction of alcohol consumption

    A glass of red wine for dinner will not cause harm to health, on the contrary, it will promote blood circulation, but regular consumption of cognac, beer and other spirits will lead to tooth destruction.

    The use of the vitamin-mineral complex

    Every spring our body needs to be strengthened. Even excessive consumption of "healthy foods" will not give as many useful substances as a whole balanced complex. It is recommended to select it with your attending physician, focusing on the individual characteristics of the body.

    Daily oral hygiene

    In order to remove all microbes and food from the teeth, it is necessary to brush them with a brush for at least 2 x 3 minutes, using water slightly warmer than room temperature. This procedure should be repeated at least 2 times a day. And after eating such products as meat, oranges, you need to use a dental floss.

    Prevention of the disease

    Visit to the dentist

    Dentists recommend once a month to carry out prophylaxis: oral treatment with special solutions, as well as a procedure for removing tartar.

    Observing the above rules, you can be calm: your teeth will not be afraid of any disease. But what if the teeth became sensitive? How to strengthen the enamel of the teeth?

    Dental clinics will offer you a lot of drugs containing fluoride and calcium( gels, pastes, varnishes) and able to restore lost enamel of teeth, reduce sensitivity. If the disease is at an early stage, you can cope with it at home.


    Rinsing of teeth
    Please note! Every morning, before breakfast, you need to rinse your mouth.

    To do this, use the following decoctions: chamomile, sage, oak bark. All broths are prepared in a water bath.

    One tablespoon of dried herbs should be poured into an enameled cup or mug, add 250 ml of warm water. Then put this mug or cup in a pot of water and put it on the fire. The water in the pan should boil for 10 minutes. Then the broth should be cooled, drain, then you can rinse. The temperature of the tincture should slightly exceed the room temperature, beware of being too hot or cold, for damaged teeth this is fraught with a complication of the disease.


    For the time of treatment, exclude from the diet the corrosive enamel products: lemon, strongly salted and sweet foods, spicy.

    Oral hygiene

    For sensitive teeth, you need to choose a special toothpaste. Do not rely on commercials, without the recommendation of a specialist to choose a paste or tooth powder should not be. The toothbrush should be chosen with a soft bristle, it should not cause discomfort when cleaning teeth, especially, should not cause painful sensations and bleeding.

    Remember, with excessive tooth sensitivity, as well as loosening of the tooth, you need to seek help from a dentist. Even the slightest discomfort after consuming hot or cold foods can lead to serious illnesses.

    All of the above methods for solving dental problems must be applied in conjunction with the prescribed treatment of your doctor, this doubly will benefit the enamel of your teeth.

    Let your smile be white and healthy!