• How to whiten your teeth without harm

    How exactly did our famous classic A.P.Chekhov: "Everything should be fine in a man. .." The phrase for ages. It's hard not to agree with her. Today, the external appeal is particularly relevant. Today it is simply impossible to imagine a successful person without a beautiful white tooth smile. It's good, when you can provide yourself with healthy teeth that sparkle with whiteness, using the latest achievements of medicine, but many people do not have such a possibility, and there is a desire to have a charming white smile. What should I do? Traditional medicine will tell you how to whiten your teeth without harm, and besides, it's also inexpensive. Recipes of our great-grandmothers always attract their accessibility and simplicity. As a rule, the products necessary for teeth whitening are known to everyone from childhood and are completely harmless to the body. But first, let's see what affects the color change of our teeth.

    Negative factors

    Negative factors affecting the teeth
    • The bad color is primarily affected by bad habits, of course, if those have taken possession of your mind - it's smoking and alcohol. In modern dentistry, even the notion of "smoker's smell" has appeared. If you are exposed to any of these bad habits, make every effort to get rid of it as quickly as possible, otherwise your teeth will never be healthy and snow-white.
    • Secondly, the color of tooth enamel is adversely affected by certain products, for example, black tea and all adored drink - coffee.
    • There are cases when drugs have had an adverse effect on the color of the teeth. The most typical representatives are iron-containing preparations. During their long reception in the thickness of the enamel, iron is deposited, which causes the enamel to darken strongly.

    Strengthening the tooth enamel

    Strengthening the tooth enamel

    Always remember that any tooth whitening will inevitably lead to damage to the tooth enamel, so it must be periodically strengthened. You can do this at home.

    • More often include in your diet all kinds of dairy products, because they are so rich in calcium and, accordingly, contribute to strengthening the teeth.
    • Two weeks prior to the beginning of procedures for teeth whitening, it is recommended to take a vitamin course. Vitamins are sold in any pharmacy.
    Please note! In no case should you abuse whitening toothpastes, as they thin out the enamel, which in turn leads to penetration of the infection. Brush your teeth only once every two weeks. After cleaning teeth whitening paste, rinse the mouth with herbal infusion.

    Whiten the teeth of the house

    Whiten baking soda

    Three most accessible teeth whitening methods:

    1. Baking soda .This product has antibacterial properties. To whiten teeth in this way, you should wet the toothbrush with warm water, dab it in soda, and then brush your teeth in the usual way. Too long brushing is not recommended, as there is a risk of damage to the enamel. Soda can simultaneously be combined with toothpaste and lemon juice. Bleach teeth with soda only once a week.
    2. Hydrogen Peroxide .Has antibacterial and antimicrobial effect, helps to strengthen teeth. The safest concentration is 3%, with a stronger solution, enamel can be damaged. Two methods of peroxide bleaching are known:
      1. a peroxide solution is applied to a cotton disc, with which the teeth are then rubbed;
      2. after the tooth cleaning toothpaste oral cavity is rinsed with peroxide solution( 20 drops peroxide per 50 milliliters of warm water), after which the mouth is again rinsed with warm water.
    3. Activated carbon .Grind the activated carbon pellet, soak the toothbrush and dab it into the resulting powder. It is possible to prepare a gruel made of activated carbon by adding a small amount of water to the powder. Activated carbon can also be combined with toothpaste. After brushing your teeth, rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm, clean water.
    Please note! In addition to these methods of whitening, traditional medicine is full of teeth whitening prescriptions with the help of herbs, fruits and berries, for example, strawberries, lemon, apple. In this case, bleaching is carried out due to the acids available in the composition of these products, which help dissolve the appearance of the coating on the enamel of the teeth. Such whitening, besides that which benefits, is also pleasant.
    Bleaching with lemon

    Take, for example, a delicious and aromatic strawberry. Prepare from it a gruel, which immediately put on the teeth. Keep this yummy in the mouth for two or three minutes and eat, then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Not whitening, but a pleasure!

    If a lemon is at hand, make a pulp from its pulp, as in the case of strawberries, and apply it to your teeth, or grind your teeth with rind and rinse the mouth with lemon juice. But keep in mind that the lemon should be used with great care, since citric acid can easily destroy your tooth enamel.

    While doing teeth whitening, always adhere to the rule "do no harm", and then a snow-white smile will be provided to you.


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