Non-carbohydrate diet: the menu, its features

  • Non-carbohydrate diet: the menu, its features

    The carbohydrate diet, the menu of which we will give you today, is one of the most effective.

    We all believe that the culprit of our excess weight is fat. However, we do not think about the amount of carbohydrates we use. And after all, it is it that is re-heated in our body and settles on our problem areas of the body in the form of fat.

    Today much is said about the protein diet. So what is it? The protein diet consists mainly of proteins and fats - it is a limited consumption of carbohydrates, as a result of which all the fat stores that have accumulated in the human body are used as a source of energy.

    Advantages and disadvantages of a low-carbohydrate diet

    Using such a diet, foods and menus should include meat, fish and vegetables. However, one must take into account the so-called glycemic index of products, which takes into account the level of sugar in the blood, and the speed with which it rises in the body.

    This means that if the use of certain products leads to a rapid increase in sugar in the blood, the body takes energy not from fat, but from glucose.

    The main advantage of a low carbohydrate diet is that it does not cause a feeling of hunger, since this diet is very nutritious and nourishing.

    With a non-carbohydrate diet, you can not eat sweets and flour.

    Also, with such a diet, there may be a decline in strength, since the carbohydrate diet is unbalanced, because it does not have the required amount of energy. A lack of carbohydrates in the human body leads to its exhaustion.

    Applying a protein diet, you can get kidney disease and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The reason for this is a large amount of protein in it.

    In addition, eating meat with such a diet leads to an increase in the body's level of cholesterol. And when you limit the amount of carbohydrates in the body, ketone bodies are formed, which in turn have a toxic effect on the brain.

    Menu №1

    According to the first variant, breakfast consists of eggs with 2 eggs with onions and mushrooms. It is served in half a pita of wheat grain, a slice of melon, coffee or tea.

    Lunch consists of a salad with chicken, unsweetened tea or a fruit drink without sugar.

    For dinner, a bowl of cabbage soup, pork chops with olive oil, salad from raw cabbage, onions and carrots and boiled broccoli with cheese are served. You can also drink light beer.

    It is recommended to consume sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds between meals.

    Menu №2

    According to the second variant of such a diet, the breakfast menu consists of half an apple, 3 eggs, 150gr.low-fat cottage cheese.

    For the second breakfast a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers is served together with the 1st st.l.vegetable oil and 300 gr.lean beef.

    For lunch, you need to eat the same as for a second breakfast.

    Dinner consists of 5 eggs, which can be replaced with fish, and 250 gr.cottage cheese fat content of 9%.

    Carefully choose non-carbohydrate foods, if you want to lose weight.

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