How to improve circulation in the legs - improving the circulation of the legs

  • How to improve circulation in the legs - improving the circulation of the legs

    Capricious weather, can drive everyone into a shiver, piercing with dampness and cold. But if a person freezes even in heated rooms, putting on all his warm things, and continues to tremble with a constant sense of cold, then it's not the weather anymore. The causes of the condition are disturbed blood circulation, caused, first of all, by an incorrect way of life. And since the load is always stronger on the legs than on other parts of the body, then they begin to suffer first of all, "responding" with varicose veins. The disease is serious and in fact much more terrible than it looks. Treatment is often lengthy and not always successful. The appearance of red "mesh" on the legs - the first bell. At this time you can still improve blood circulation and save your beautiful legs. ..

    Circulation in the legs

    Let me explain "on the fingers" the essence of what is happening, bypassing the medical terms so incomprehensible to most.

    1. One stroke of your heart speaks about the time interval from the splash of blood and its passage through the whole circle, until it returns back to the heart( such strokes in the adult are from 70 to 80 per minute).
    2. The blood in the legs is forced to violate the natural law of nature, moving not upward, but upwards, i.e.rising.
    3. When the legs move, the muscles act as a pump, increasing blood flow and facilitating the work of the valves.
    4. In the absence of movement( or with minimal movements), the valves become tired and work worse. Then the blood hardly moves upwards, i.e.is updated, circulates worse, and therefore - accumulates, increasing pressure.
    5. At this time, weak stenocysts of the vessels are forced to deform: stretch, expand, the valves do not change, and therefore eventually clogged.
    6. Blood continues to flow downward, causing new congestion.
    7. Legs become heavier, swell.
    8. Appear visible "results" in the form of mesh( varicose extension), headaches begin, hands are weakened, working capacity decreases, everything in the human body is interconnected.

    What should I do? How to improve circulation in the legs? First of all, make your blood run through the body. Proverb: "Movement is life!"appeared not in vain.


    Exercises to improve blood circulation

    If the lifestyle is sedentary, then get distracted, perform a minimal set of exercises.

    1. Exercises for toe-toes Climb to the socks. Do it in a measured, slow way. Feel how muscles stretch.
    2. Take turns lifting your legs, actively turn your feet.
    3. Tighten your legs, squeezing and unclenching muscles.
    4. Hold your toes firmly as if lifting a pencil.
    5. Make circular movements and swing your feet( feet on weight).

    These exercises are suitable for those who are forced to stand for a long time. After 5 minutes you will begin to feel how the blood "runs".If you are at home, then you can afford to remember the "birch tree" remembered from school( lifting the legs and body when the elbows rest on the floor and supporting the back with the palms), and the "bicycle"( circular legs in the air).And do not forget about the contrasting soul, which strengthens the effect and gives vivacity.


    How to make the blood move

    There are a number of drugs that can make the blood move faster.

    1. "Escuzan" - improves blood circulation, often prescribed for varicose veins, edema, convulsions. Contains horse chestnut, which has venotonic and antiexudative action.
    2. "VENZA"( in droplets) - improves microcirculation, has antiexudative, decongestant, capillaroprotective, venotonic effect. It is prescribed for hemorrhoids, phlebitis, varicose veins.
    3. "Ascorutin" - a combination drug, from a number of vitamins. It is useful for vitamin P deficiency, antioxidant. Reduces the fragility of capillaries and reduces their permeability. It is prescribed for measles, scarlet fever, arachnoiditis, glomerulonephritis, rheumatism, septic endocarditis, hemorrhagic diathesis, capillarotoxicosis, radiation sickness, varicosity.

    These medications can have side effects and even contraindications - a doctor's consultation before applying them is mandatory! The article gives only general instructions, so check with a doctor - how to improve circulation in the legs taking into account the characteristics of your body. Any disease and even prevention requires an individual approach.

    A separate emphasis is on a healthy lifestyle. Circulation of blood is almost always disturbed by lovers of smoked, salty, spicy, from those who are accustomed to eating fast food. In addition, the feeling of cold described at the beginning of the article is experienced by many smokers. Already only that nicotine concerns to neurotoxins, and in reference books costs under a label "especially dangerous substances", forces to reflect, the truth? Refusal of cigarettes will definitely improve the condition of the circulatory system, and not only.

    But the main thing is a dream. Strong, healthy, lasting at least 6 hours. For this, the blood system, and the heart, and the skin, and the hair, and the brain and other organs, will be grateful. Remember: they are interrelated and work, borrowing each other's blood, and oxygen, and vitamins. Do not let one of them get stuck in debt, otherwise they will not be able to give you life energy.