• How to paint brown eyes( + photo)

    In modern times, many people use makeup to hide flaws or emphasize facial features. A weak half of humanity due to make-up can change its appearance and image beyond recognition. To date, any girl can become a princess, only the make-up and the professional hand of the stylist are sufficient for this.

    To achieve your ideal style is very difficult and the art of make-up needs to learn. When studying makeup, special attention should be paid to the eyes. Brown eyes are quite expressive, so it's not necessary to highlight them very brightly, it's enough to just bring them a little.

    General advice

    General tips for eye make-up

    Everyone has heard many times: "The eyes are the mirror of the soul."Therefore, you need to learn how to apply make-up correctly to hide flaws or to emphasize beauty. Sometimes it happens that the lube is smeared or mascara and shadows are showered. There are always small secrets in any business, the correct eye makeup, in turn, requires special subtlety. Sometimes problems with make-up occur during rain or because of sweating.

    Sometimes it happens that the funds that you use every day do not fit your skin. The arrows are drawn correctly when a thin line passes at the roots of the eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye and emphasizes the shape of the eyes. If you want to make the line thicker, then it is desirable to make an additional stroke from the middle of the century. In the event that the corners of your eyes are slightly lowered, you can raise the tips of the arrows up.

    When applying make-up on the eyes, several important factors need to be taken into account immediately, non-observance of which can only aggravate the situation. Important factors can serve as a situation, weather, time of day, skin type, complexion, season, color of eyes and hair.

    Krasim Brown Eyes

    Several makeup tips for the brown eyes

    Let's pay attention to the makeup of the brown eyes. It is important to consider that for an ideal eye makeup during the day, you need to use liquid liner and dry shadows. The wax pencil in this case will not be so effective. In the evening it is desirable to apply fatty and wax cosmetics.

    Do not get excited when applying makeup. In the beginning, when applying make-up, select the appropriate tools. They can be a cotton swab, paper, eyeliner, nourishing eye cream and, of course, a mirror.

    But what do the owners of big or small eyes do? Of course, there is always a way out! Modern cosmetics and stylist techniques can visually increase or decrease the size of the eyes with the help of cosmetics. Since low-lying thick eyebrows visually reduce the eyes, they need to be adjusted for greater expressiveness. Further, in order to visually enlarge the eyes, they must be circled on both sides, with the lower side to make the line as wide as possible, within the reasonable of course.

    Do not look around the eyes from below. In order to reduce large eyes, you need to use as many shadows as possible, preferably gray ones, so as not to strongly highlight the eyes.

    Powder slightly eyelashes and eyelids so that the makeup ideally fits on eyelids and eyes. Use a less fatty gel instead of a regular eye cream. This will help moisturize the area around the eyes. In rainy weather, use waterproof mascara.

    The most optimal colors for brown eyes: brown, beige and sand. But since you need to dye your brown eyes and considering other factors, be aware that brown-olive scale is suitable for a swarthy skin. For brunettes - black shadows. On light skin, blue and green shades will look perfect. As for the color of the mascara for the eyes, the brunette will just fit black mascara, and the beauties with blond hair - brown.

    Correct make-up of brown eyes

    For accurate and convenient application of shadows, you may need at least two brushes: a shader for shading shadows and an applicator for applying shadows. It is especially convenient to use an applicator for applying pearlescent shadows. After using the applicator, the shadows do not fall off and lie evenly and neatly.

    First you need to choose a suitable pencil, it should be of high quality and preferably with a grinding knife that has its own degree of sharpening. The pencil should not crumble, but should be soft and easy to sharpen. If the pencil is new and you have never used it before, then practice first to draw out straight and oval lines on the palm, as it is difficult to paint your eyes correctly, and you need to "fill your hand".Make sure the softness of the pencil and the absence of invisible defects.

    Next, go directly to the procedure. In order to prepare the skin for make-up, it is desirable to apply on the eyelids cream or gel. Wet the upper eyelid with a cotton swab. Then start to circle your eyes, starting from the inner corner, trying to make the line as close as possible to the eyelashes. In the event that the line does not turn out to be even enough, it can be hidden with shadows or wiped with a cotton swab. Remember that lower eyelids do not bring.

    Golden green makeup of the brown eyes
    Dark purple eye make-up
    Sandy brown-eye make-up
    Bright brown-eye make-up