How to properly pull out eyebrows - how to properly remove eyebrows at home

  • How to properly pull out eyebrows - how to properly remove eyebrows at home

    What just does not make the fairer sex in chasing the perfect and perfect appearance. Women repaint hair in different colors, do manicure and pedicure, and also plague themselves with epilations. Enumerate all sorts of procedures can be very, very long, but, unfortunately, more of them are not very pleasant.

    However, let's think about which part of the face is most expressive? Most immediately answer that these are the eyes. But if you think about it, we will understand that the naturalness and balance of our face is not attached to the eyes, but to their natural fringing, or rather, to the eyebrows. The consequence of women's ignorance of how to beautifully remove eyebrows, is their complete lack of grooming, or, on the contrary, overly careful plucking of eyebrows "in stripes."Such eyebrows often attract people's attention and spoil the impression of a person. It is for this reason that the eyebrows require special diligent care and careful surveillance of their shape.

    If you do not know how to pluck your eyebrows, the easiest and most elementary way of correction, both the shape and color of the eyebrows, is to negotiate with a specialist in the beauty salon. There you will be able to conduct the following procedures for correcting eyebrows:

    • depilation is the removal of all unnecessary hairs in the eyebrow area;
    • dyeing and lightening of hairs;
    • tattoo or permanent make-up of eyebrows.

    When you are satisfied with the shape of the eyebrows that you will be given in the salon, you will not need to visit the salon every week, as you can look after your eyebrows - periodically remove overgrown hairs or, if necessary, emphasize the shape of the eyebrows with makeup,to know how to properly pull out eyebrows.

    However, if you really want, then without any problems you can correct your eyebrows at home, the main thing to learn about how to properly pluck your eyebrows at home.


    Preparing for plucking the eyebrows

    To bring your eyebrows in order, you will need to take:

    • mirror;
    • tweezers( or other customary device for you);
    • lotion with disinfectant effect.

    There are special mirrors with a magnifying effect to make it easier to find the base of an extra hair and grab it with tweezers. It is desirable that the mirror was large, so that it was possible to see the entire face completely, and not just an eyebrow. Do this procedure best when standing in front of the window, because daylight is most convenient for this.

    Wash hands before plucking eyebrows. Clean the eyebrow area and the entire face by wiping them with a special disinfectant lotion. The tweezers should be treated with alcohol solution.

    We begin to pluck out the eyebrows

    Plucking with eyebrow tweezers is not a complicated procedure, but it also has its own nuances. Hairs should be taken close to the root, with a free hand while pulling on the skin and pulling the right hair with a sharp movement. To anesthetize the plucking area, you can use a hot compress or, on the contrary, treat the eyebrow area with ice, since cold is the best natural method of anesthesia.

    Create the perfect eyebrow shape

    Create the perfect eyebrow shape

    The ideal classical eyebrows are constructed, considering the three lines that are carried through each half of the face. In order to correctly establish where your eyebrows should begin, end and curl as much as possible, you must hold these three lines on your face. You can do it with a pencil. Attach your pencil to your face in such a way that it passes through the points described below, and mark the intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow line.

    Lines for creating the right eyebrows
    • The first line should be drawn from the nose wing and to the eyebrow, it must pass through the inner corner of the eye. After passing it, you get the line of the beginning of your eyebrow. All the other hairs that extend to the bridge of the nose are beyond the line and must be removed. If this point crosses your eyebrow, then that's where the eyebrow should end. If there are extra hairs behind the line, they must be removed. If your eyebrow does not reach the line, then you can draw it with a pencil for eyebrows or a specialist.
    • The third line should be drawn so that it passes through the edge of the iris of the eye at the moment when you look straight. The point of intersection of the line with the eyebrow will become the place of maximum bending and the highest point at the eyebrow.

    Eyebrow plucking

    There is another method - it's depilation of the eyebrows. Is called triding or removing excess hairs with a thread. Many people have not even heard of how to tweeze eyebrows thread. In fact, hair removal with threads is a fairly modern method, it is used to remove vegetation, both in the face area and absolutely in any part of the body. This method is much more effective than simple shaving or discoloration of hair.

    To my great regret, it is almost impossible to remove hair with a thread completely painless. The degree of soreness directly depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the density of your hair.

    Thinning eyebrows with a thread is much more convenient and easier than removing them with wax. Before you start to thin eyebrows threads, you need to treat the skin with medical alcohol, it will degrease the skin and disinfect it.

    The procedure for removing hair with threads is that you pull out of the follicle not one hair, but several with the help of an ordinary cotton thread. The main point here is that during the twisting of two threads, the extra hairs are taken together and immediately removed.

    Instructions for plucking eyebrows with a thread

    1. First comb your eyebrows up to ensure free thread access to them.

    2. Cut approximately 60-65 centimeters of thread, and carefully connect the tips of the cut to each other.

    3. Put the thread on top of the four fingers of the right and left hand together. Next, by hand, which you will be more comfortable with, you must twist the thread in such a way that exactly 10 turns of thread are formed in the middle.

    4. Take the thread with the thumb and forefinger of two hands. Then bring the thread to the eyebrow. Your movements should be as follows: move the twisted portion of the thread close to the eyebrow and narrow 2 fingers on one hand, and then expand the 2 fingers of the other hand. This is what you will achieve by effectively drawing the hairs into these tiny spaces between the threads.

    This unusual technique has its undoubted advantages:

    • This method is quite cheap.
    • During the procedure of removing superfluous hair with a thread, not only unnecessary hairs are removed, but also exfoliation of the skin occurs.
    • Hair from the follicle is pulled out together with the roots.
    • If you thin the hair with threads, then they grow much slower and become much thinner.

    Do not be very keen on plucking your eyebrows, even if it seems to you that your brows are very thick and wide. After the procedure, look carefully in the mirror. Your eyebrows should be as symmetrical as possible. Then take a short break, look again in the mirror, and if necessary, then continue the plucking procedure. After that, again treat the entire area of ​​the eyebrow with a disinfection lotion. Now the eyebrows can be lubricated with cream, and even better - gel, for example, with an extract of aloe.

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