What brushes are better for make-up - we choose brushes for a make up

  • What brushes are better for make-up - we choose brushes for a make up

    Refined exquisite makeup is difficult to reproduce without a set of brushes, which will uniformly and correctly shade all the colors, like artists. Very often girls save on good brushes, limiting the use of applicators, which are attached to various sets of cosmetics. But the "morning masterpiece" can be performed not only by make-up artists, but also ordinary beauties, having on hand high-quality cosmetics and brushes.

    "Golden" selection rules

    Types of brushes

    The cosmetic accessories market offers a legion of trade marks of this kind of products and a lot of different brushes, each of which serves to apply only one kind of cosmetics.

    1. For powder. This category includes large round and very soft brushes made from natural nap for mineral friable powder. The larger brush size is for the bronzer. Small round brushes - for feathering blush. Brushes with a two-color bristles( artificial and natural) are used for cosmetics with a liquid consistency. A brush-whisk is good to remove excess powder from the face.
    2. For the basis. This brush with synthetic nap, which is easy to apply foundation. Round, pen-short, shaped like a heel, ideal for loose powdered mineral.
    3. For the shadows. This variety of brushes is divided into 3 subspecies: large is applied to the base under the shadows, with a pile of different lengths - for decorative shadows with different shades, which are applied to the corners of the eyes. For shading use brushes with a short soft bristles. The fold of the century is easiest to draw with a small brush, and the borders between different shades grow denser.
    4. For blush. These brushes can be rounded or cut at an angle. Their flattening helps to beautifully blush, to most naturally emphasize cheekbones.
    5. For piping. Brushes with rigid synthetic bristles and a curved thin tip. They are easy to "stuff" neat points in the eyeliner.
    6. For make-up of eyebrows. Brushes of hard natural or synthetic villi, like a brush for podvodki. They can stain eyebrows or cover them with wax.
    7. Small brushes-proofreaders made of synthetic materials easily mask skin imperfections with tonalnik.
    8. For lips. These brushes are made in the form of a cat's tongue, so that the lipstick falls gently. They can also create a smooth lip contour.
    Makeup Brushes

    This necessary minimum needs to be purchased to make your makeup as good as Hollywood makeup artists!

    And now you need to choose the right material for the bristles. .. How to determine which brushes are better for make-up: artificial or yet natural? What should be their size and relative rigidity of the product?

    Material for brushes

    Depending on the composition of cosmetics you use, make-up artists advise natural hairs to choose for dry and loose cosmetics( powders, blush or dry shadows), and artificial - for liquid types of make-up( foundation, foundation),since synthetics do not absorb the product.

    The following types of nap are used from natural materials for make-up:

    • Sable and columns - elastic hairs of a golden-brown hue. When applying the shadows, the eyelids are perfectly drawn, while very soft and gentle to the touch.
    • Squirrel - squirrel brushes soft and smooth, do not scratch the delicate skin of the eyelids and perfectly shade the borders of the shadows.
    • Pony - dense and smooth fur of brown color. Good at applying makeup to eyes and face.
    • Goat - slightly wavy, bulky and slightly harsh fur of black color. Well and evenly masks the face with powder.

    Size and rigidity of brushes

    Brush size for make-up

    For any part of the face, on which we will impose make-up, we can choose a suitable brush in size. The brush should be free to lie in the hand, the bristles must necessarily choose flexible, but not rough or hard, so as not to injure the skin. Based on the above recommendations and your contours of the eyes and face, we will determine the sizes and types of brushes.

    Choose brushes

    Choose brushes for make-up
    • For shadows - this is the main brush, which allows you to create even multi-layer exquisite makeup.
    • Feathering - masterly performs high-quality color transitions of shadows. If your make-up requires a lot of shades and color games, then you need to buy a few pieces of these "master".
    • Combined brushes for eyebrows and cilia. They visually make these contours more dense and voluminous.
    • Brush for eyebrows helps to accurately apply smoothing means for "strokes of emotions".
    • Brush "heels" inflicts and gradually shades hailiter - sparkling powder, a shimmer with sparkles on the cheekbones for evening make-up or a bronzer. The pile of such a brush looks like a puff: it can only be surprisingly soft!
    • Even experienced visagistes argue about the sponge. Some are categorically against their use, while others consider it appropriate to apply them to liquid cosmetics.
    • For the make-up of the lips, a brush is used during the application of lipstick, gloss and creating a smooth contour.
    What brush for what

    Make-up artists advise using professional tools at least seven pieces, even when applying daily make-up, because, first, they absorb the absolute minimum of cosmetics;and secondly, they work not only more convenient, but also faster. If the usual brushes need to make the makeup within five or ten minutes, then the master brushes will execute it in a couple of seconds! And the quality of this makeup will be several orders of magnitude higher! Is not this what any beautiful woman wants, going out into the street?


    The following video will tell you about the most necessary makeup brushes and how to use them: