Makeup for the New Year 2015 - New Year's makeup trends 2015( + photo)

  • Makeup for the New Year 2015 - New Year's makeup trends 2015( + photo)

    In the coming 2015, many ladies can show a slight passivity and whims, but this should not affect the appearance in any way. A true lady must always be irresistible! As you know, 2015 is the year of the Wooden Sheep green or blue. This year, natural make-up is emphasized, emphasizing the natural attractiveness of the beautiful half. In the trend will remain eyebrows with a natural outline and a flamboyant blush. And yet, if you have a desire to outshine all beautiful ladies, then you should make the most fashionable and attractive make-up for New Year 2015!

    For the New Year make-up that reflects perfection, you will need:

    • high-quality cosmetics,
    • instruction explaining all the stages of applying makeup,
    • rhinestones,
    • dress and hairstyle.

    Everything in the image should be in harmony with each other. However, before, you should prepare yourself for the upcoming triumph, and for this you need to master a few basic rules. Sacrament of make-up! Arming with skills!

    Apply New Year's make-up

    The choice of make-up is directly related to the choice of a fashionable dress designed for the New Year 2015.Here everything has weight: both the color solution, the complexity of the make-up, and its saturation. If the dress, in which you will meet the coming year, is executed in bright colors, reflecting the character and charisma, then the make-up should be soft, for this you should perform it in calm tones. And vice versa, if your New Year clothes are made in a restrained pastel palette, and still differ in the simplicity of cut, then the whole accent of the image needs to be done on the makeup of the New Year 2015.It seems that nothing is easier? Maybe, but the key task of make-up in the coming year is the right choice of cosmetics, which should be combined with the color facial features.

    Please note! Special attention on the eve of the New Year 2015 should be given to the condition of the skin of the face.
    We follow the skin

    Make-up artists advise to conduct preparatory measures before the time of the solemn New Year's make-up. What should I do? A few days of diet and rejection of bad habits will restore the shade of the face that will be healthy. Freshness and vigor require sleep.


    Well, of course, you can not do without deep cleaning and then moisturizing your face. Make a mild peeling at home, then a nourishing mask, and after all procedures, apply a moisturizing cream designed for the face and corresponding to your age category. Now you can start applying the tone that underlies the future makeup. When creating New Year's make-up 2015, try to be specific, emphasize either on the lip line, or on the cut of the eyes. Otherwise, you will create the image of a vulgar woman, which does not fit in 2015 in the sheep. In addition to conventional cosmetic means, an attractive makeup must include bright elements, such as shimmering shadows, sequins, false eyelashes and rhinestones. If you decide to focus on the line of the lips, then the mascara on the eyes should be weightless and imperceptible, and it is better to make up the lips with bright lipstick with a velvety texture or appropriate shine. If you need to allocate eyes, then you will help flickering eyeliner, shiny mascara and false eyelashes. Lips in this case should be painted with a natural tone of lipstick.

    Color palette

    As for the choice of shadows, the preference is given to the blue-green, because 2015 is the year of the Blue-Green Wooden Sheep.

    What colors to use

    This palette can also contain emerald, turquoise, sea wave, blue and purple. Since this tonality is specific, then in the New Year's attire, too, should play the same tone. Otherwise, you will look inappropriate and even ugly. Of course, for other shades of shadows, too, there is no prohibition, because the original New Year's palette consists of pearlescent, bronze, neon, silver and gold shades. And combining them with fashion trends, you can add to the makeup shades of brown and orange.

    Technique for applying shadows of hacks

    If you want to create a stage image of a lamb on New Year's Eve, then everything is simple! To do this, you should highlight the wings of the nose with a black pencil, after which you need to draw a black line from the base of the nose to the upper lip and paint it with dark lipstick, practically corresponding to the tone of the pencil. Pale lipstick make up the lower part of the lips. Eyebrows brighten, and the upper eyelid paint with dark brown or black shadows, then shade with a special brush. Draw small arrows, with the lower part of the eyelids slightly underlined with beige shadows. To create this image, you can not use blush. That's all, the real image of the lamb is ready!

    And do you know what Smoky Eyes is?

    Make-up with eyes Smokey eyes

    What is your goal in the coming year? Maybe you want to become a seducer? And do you know what makeup is preferable for such ladies? Smoky Eyes - an attractive make-up, a successful decision on New Year's Eve, accented on the cut of the eyes. And it is he who is advised by modern make-up artists in 2015.The brightest mystery, femininity and strong confidence inherent in Smoky Eyes - this is exactly what attracts modern men.

    To do it yourself, you need to buy false eyelashes, mysterious and magical rhinestones, a black pencil with a soft texture, shadows of black, white( or grayish-ashy) hue.

    Typical Smokey eyes

    So, an instruction that gives an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis makeup on the steps:

    1. Apply a pencil on the moving part of the upper eyelid, then black shadows.
    2. Now you should thoroughly shade them.
    3. It is necessary to emphasize also the eyebrows, and to do this will help you shiny light shadows, applied to them.
    4. To achieve a smooth transition, you will need to shade black and light colors.
    5. Black shadows should be applied to the lower part of the eyelids( still), and then to shade them.
    6. Now you need to attach false eyelashes.
    7. The lip line is also worth making up, but you need to do this with a light lipstick.
    8. If you have a desire, then you can use rhinestones, for example, pasting them under the eyebrow.
    In the style of the Cleopatra

    Well forgotten old. New makeup "A la Cleopatra"!

    What kind of attire will you please others around on New Year's Eve? Sexy cut and catchy color will distinguish your image from others? So can you stop on makeup, with a sensual name "A la Cleopatra"?

    Please note! In order to make this kind of make-up yourself, you need to purchase augmenting volume of eyelashes, preferably black, artificial eyelashes and shadows, having a light and dark shade of gold.

    So, the instruction that helps to realize the make-up:

    1. You need to apply shadows that have a light gold color to the upper eyelid so that you completely cover it with this tone.
    2. Drawing three arrows using a pencil or shadows is the most difficult process. So, lead the first of them along the line of growth of the eyelashes on the mobile age, the second lead along the line of growth of the eyelashes in the immobile century, the third - along the line of the lower eyelid starting from the outer corner of the eye.
    3. Now it is necessary to paste artificial eyelashes, and then paint them with black ink.
    4. Between the second and third hands you can cast shadows with a golden effect, having a darker tone.

    The most important shades of tonal basis in 2015 are: beige, sand, gray, bronze and khaki. However, it is worth considering that the best will be that make-up, which is thought out to the smallest detail. Of course, many now are tormented by the question of how to look in the New Year's Eve 2015. However, if you have a creative approach to choosing a make-up, the result will surprise even your expectations. The main thing - do not overdo it!


    We use turquoise shadows
    Pistachio color
    Eye accent
    Gently turquoise
    Neutral color of the lips
    Makeup in the style of khaki
    Necessary shades
    With the predominance of bronze color
    Shining new year's make-up
    Shining turquoise
    With frost
    With blue liner
    Colorful eyeliner
    Shadows and lacquer of indigo color
    Dark blue eye make-up
    In bluetones
    Traditional New Year's
    Golden with arrows
    Vivid with eyeliner
    Bright blue shadows
    Choose the shadows