How to get rid of bruises under the eyes - how to quickly get rid of bruises under the eyes

  • How to get rid of bruises under the eyes - how to quickly get rid of bruises under the eyes

    Detection under the eyes of dark circles, called "bruises" in the people, is capable in the morning to spoil the mood of any woman. And if for the first time the cosmetics will help out, with the help of which it is possible to disguise the "acquisition", when they reappear, the fair sex representative begins to wonder what to do and how to get rid of the bruises under the eyes once and for all.

    Reasons for the appearance of

    The reasons why the bruises under the eyes may appear are very different.



    Bruising under the eyes is the blood vessels radiating through the skin, which at some point turned out to be "overcrowded" with blood. Therefore, if you have red eyes( that is, blood flow to the vascular system) from an inseparable "love" to the computer, a sleepless night or suddenly "fallen" to your head of stress, be prepared for the appearance of not too nice dark circles. In this case, the best remedy for bruising under the eyes is a calm, prolonged sleep in comfortable conditions.

    Reducing the tone of the facial muscles

    Reducing the tone of the facial muscles

    The second cause of bruising is the natural relief of our face, thanks to which the skin under the eyes is in a small cavity. Unfortunately, even this depth turns out to be enough to create shadows under our clear eyes. And the more weakened muscles on the face( after heavy days without rest or gradually with age), the bruises will be sharper. To understand how to remove bruises under the eyes will have to compare their own photos in their youth and in today's state. The older you become, the less resilient the skin looks on the face, wrinkles appear and the nasolabial folds become more prominent.

    It remains to remember that the state of any human organ( and the skin is also our organ) depends on its blood supply, and it can be determined with its own training program.

    Internal Diseases

    Internal Diseases

    Malfunction of the internal organs can also affect the skin around the eyes. But in this case, small edema is usually added to the bruises under the eyes. In this situation, it is impossible to decide how quickly to get rid of bruises under the eyes. This will require the help of doctors and, perhaps, a long course of treatment( especially if the cause of the appearance of bruises is kidney or heart disease).

    Bad habits

    Bad habits

    All that does not benefit us, can worsen the condition of our skin and, as a result, cause the appearance of bruises under the eyes. Here you will not have to figure out how you can remove the bruises under your eyes, and first throw your bad habits - smoking and drinking alcohol. Express your willpower, because the bonus for you will be getting rid of bruises and swelling under the eyes, as well as the return of normal color to the skin of the face.


    Injury to

    Unfortunately, the cause of bruising under the eyes( and more often than one bruise) can be trauma, either independently or with the "help" of others who do not greatly respect women, individuals. In this case, the bruise will represent a hemorrhage due to torn sosudarpas, therefore, instead of folk remedies, it is better to use the help of medicinal ointments from bruises under the eyes. But first of all, the treatment of bruising from a stroke should be started before its appearance, i.e.immediately after the impact. First, attach something cold to your eye( a spoon or a piece of cold meat from the refrigerator), this will allow you to narrow the damaged blood vessels and prevent accumulation of blood under the skin. And only after that it is possible to put on a skin, for example, a body from bruises - a gel-balm, consisting of natural plant elements. However, it requires multiple( three to four times a day) application to the skin, otherwise the result may not be the same as you would like.

    We remove bruises at home

    1. First, a special massage will help - light patches of fingers from the temple in the lower eyelid to the bridge of the nose.

    2. Secondly, restore the overall tone of the skin and facial muscles. To do this, we will have to take advantage of our brain's ability to inject blood into the organ that we think about. A little training: stretched out a hand in front of you, put out your index finger( everyone else slightly gathered up into a fist) and, looking at it, we begin to imagine that it is heating up. As soon as you felt that you have it, we stop the exercise. The next stage is doing the same, but with your eyes closed. Having mastered these simple actions, we "go" to work with your face. Point of exposure - cheeks. So, we closed our eyes and imagine how our two cheeks heat up. Warmed up? Now we relax and "release" them.

    3. The next step is to mentally cool our pink cheeks. To do this, you can imagine that the face( and specifically on the cheeks) is blowing the wind or in your imagination, "attach" to them a piece of ice or snow. Are you frozen? Repeat the heating. And so three or four times. This exercise is enough to do once a week, so that the blood "ran" through our vials on the face, and did not accumulate under the eyes and did not force us to invent how to remove bruises under the eyes.

    Folk remedies for bruises under the eyes

    The most common means of bruising under the eyes is curd and grated( or fresh) potatoes. We wrap them( separately) in a piece of gauze and apply to the eyes, for 15-20 minutes.

    Also from the bruises under the eyes helps compress from ordinary tea leaves. Fill with boiling water a little black tea;We wait, when it will be made and will get dark brown color;dipped cotton swab, lightly squeezed and apply to the eyes( be careful, do not burn yourself) for 15 minutes. You can periodically wet the cotton wool again. Attention! If you suffer from one of the forms of allergy, in which the eyelids and eyes become red, this option is contraindicated, since it can provoke swelling.

    Improve the tone of the skin and at the same time get rid of bruises under the eyes will help an ice cube with herbs, which wipe eyelids. As a filling for the cubes, you can use chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort or any other herbal medicine that has an anti-inflammatory effect. Another option is ice from milk and water or from lemon juice( with a simultaneous whitening effect).To choose the most suitable variant for you to remove dark circles, it is necessary by a trial method.

    Today there are many other recipes to get rid of bruises under the eyes of folk remedies:

    • facial masks from lanolin, almond oil and lecithin( 1: 1.5: 1 ratio) plus a little water( measure ingredients better with a tablespoon), applyaround the eyes for 3-5 minutes, store the remains of the ointment in the refrigerator;
    • mask from the roots of parsley( turn them into gruel and apply to the eyelids for a quarter of an hour);
    • mask from yogurt and honey and many others.

    Alternatively, you can use a bruise ointment under the eyes, sold in a regular pharmacy. Usually in its composition it has vitamin K, which affects the coagulation of blood in our body.

    If after all the measures have been taken to treat the ecchymosis under the eye, the bluish outflow is still manifest, it will take several days to "hide" the damaged area under a layer of foundation and powder.