Diet 15 table: indications for diseases, menus

  • Diet 15 table: indications for diseases, menus

    Diet 15 table allows you to put in order the metabolism for a short time. The aggravation of many diseases is associated with malnutrition. Especially it concerns diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In many cases, a properly selected diet facilitates the patient's condition.

    In medicine, a numbered classification of dietary tables for diseases and the degree of disease has been developed. Dietitians made recommendations for processing products for a particular diet, temperature indicators and frequency of meals. For each number of the table there are indicators for its purpose. Today we will consider the diet at number 15.

    Indicators for the appointment of the diet

    Diet number 15 is prescribed in cases when special therapeutic diets are not needed. The 15 table is usually prescribed by the convalescent patient after severe illnesses. If there are no concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then the recovering patient is assigned precisely this diet.

    The diet is aimed at restoring the strength and strengthening the body, taking into account the small physical strain on the body. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the way of cooking and the temperature regime in this diet. The only requirement for the method of preparation is the maximum preservation of vitamins. The diet is the same as in a healthy person - 4-5 times a day.


    product suite The product set is the same as that of an ordinary person. The diet includes various soups and borsch, except for very sharp ones. Meat and fish are different ways of cooking. Exception can be made only by very fatty sorts of meat. The diet allows milk and dairy products, eggs, cereals, pasta, vegetables and fruits to be eaten both raw and cooked. Flour products, butter and vegetable oil are also allowed. Exceptions are only fatty sorts of birds - duck, goose, and spicy seasonings - pepper, mustard.

    With increased pressure, the diet limits salt intake. Dishes are prepared without salt, you can salt the prepared dish.

    From drinks are recommended any juice and compotes, decoctions and infusions, tea and coffee.

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