How to get rid of zhirovikov on the face - get rid of wen

  • How to get rid of zhirovikov on the face - get rid of wen

    Our desire to become attractive often faces small, but aggressive enemies - freckles, wrinkles, pimples, acne. In the ranks of opponents of our beauty and self-confidence, there are also lipomas, which have received a less euphonious name among the people - the adipose. Before you deal with them, you need to understand the reason for their appearance. Actually, the fatty body is a tiny sac with fatty deposits."Place of settlement" of Wen's children is unpredictable - almost any part of the body will be comfortable for them. From a small millimeter pimple, the adipose can turn into a volumetric( several centimeters) tumor. Perhaps, if it were not for the hideous sight of the spectacle, then the question of how to get rid of zhirovikov on the face would not even stand - the densification does not remind of itself with pain, burning, or any other sensations, and benign and thereforefears do not cause. It is the appearance that makes us look for a solution to the problem, throwing out just crazy money for cosmetic procedures, unreasonably expensive masks, scams and creams. Maybe everything is much simpler and the answer is once again on the surface? So. ..


    Tips for getting rid of the wen

    Let's start with the simplest test:

    1. Your sleep is more than 6 hours a day.
    2. You prefer healthy, easily assimilated food( rejection of roast, too fatty, smoked, floury, semi-finished, large amounts of salt / sugar).
    3. In your daily diet includes more than 2 liters of water( not chlorinated, but pure and preferably spring), In addition to this volume, the juices( freshly squeezed) are included in the diet.
    4. You do not smoke.
    5. You do not abuse alcohol.
    6. You do not often resort to medication, especially antibiotics.
    7. "Oxygen dope"( walks in the forest, park, square for at least two hours) you allow yourself daily.
    8. You take a shower at least once a day, taking off every evening the remains of make-up, dust and the so-called energy negative.

    If for all questions without an affirmative answer did not work out, look for the reason for the appearance of the adipose( and at the same time the pallor of the skin, bruises under the eyes, irritation, fatigue, etc.) in the way of life. All listed items are the minimum for an organism that is simply obligatory for performance. Otherwise, the metabolism will be disturbed, and the adolescents so disturbing you today will only appear as a floating little top of a huge iceberg of diseases. Only by changing the way of life, you can think about eliminating some external flaws. The organism is like a navigator showing the way to a stray tourist, but if the navigator suddenly fails, the tourist will necessarily get lost. Start an internal recovery, and a grateful organism will lead you to the path of health and beauty.

    Cosmetic removal of the wader Now a little more about what may lead to the autopsy and removal of Wen. Going on the occasion of "well-wishers", advised to prune a needle with an acne prickling eyes and squeeze it, you are practically consciously at risk of irrevocably ruining the appearance. By the way, "well-wishers" these either openly lie about the safety of the method, or do not realize this danger at all. But such experiments can result in a whole scattering of Wenfors in place of one remote. And how do you like the idea of ​​painful scars on your face? Not scary? And the infection, then pouring out into, say, erysipelas or sepsis? Of course, these cases are not so frequent, but they do. Where is the guarantee that, ironically, the probability of a wheel arrow "fortune" does not point to you?

    Mechanical intervention in the skin can be entrusted only to a specialist - a surgeon or a cosmetologist. Large adipose is removed under anesthesia, and for small enough, and local anesthesia. Some adolescents may be dissolved at the developmental stage by injecting the medication internally.

    Folk remedies

    Folk methods for removal of wen dows

    In addition to professional intervention, you can try and sparing "homegrown" ways.

    1. A baked onion( or oven) onion is mixed with an equal amount of grated soap( soap is chosen dark).Kashitsa is used as a compress at least three times a day. Apply daily.
    2. Smetanno-honey-chalk mask. On the composition of the mask, as you can guess by name, honey, sour cream, chalk. All components are taken equally( 2 grams).The mixture is applied only to the steamed face after bath or bathing and lasts 20 minutes. Then it is washed off. Apply daily.
    3. The golden mustache. Part of the leaf of the plant is crushed, distributed on a small piece of tissue and superimposed on the wen. The compress is fixed with plaster for 12 hours. Apply after a day.
    4. Aloe. A freshly cut sheet is applied to the wen foot for the night( fixed with a patch).Wen comes out himself and sometimes after the first procedure.
    5. Similar, if not more powerful, action has a Kalanchoe.
    6. Sometimes the effect gives a pinpoint cauterization with iodine and celandine juice.

    All these methods can be used only with relatively healthy skin. Problem skin requires mandatory complex treatment.