How to draw arrows on the eyes + photo

  • How to draw arrows on the eyes + photo

    The grandeur of the queen and the tenderness of the beloved, the strictness of the business lady and the charm of the temptress, the rage of the frenzied tigress and the defenselessness of the child - how much we women say with one glance. The unique play of the eyes we caress and throw reproaches, flirt and confess our love, shoot and hit on the spot. But speaking without words can only be truly expressive. And here, along with the emotional component, the cosmetic aspect of expressiveness is of great importance - a beautiful, eye-make-up with knowledge of professional secrets.


    The art of make-up is fraught with many small tricks, subtle nuances that must be considered. As in any other business, there are primary and secondary questions: the main strokes that set the style, and the details that emphasize it. When it comes to working with a look, such a leading, style-building element is eyeliner. From the thickness, clarity, curly arrow graphics, visual correction of the shape of the eye depends. Their color in relation to the color of the shadows determines the evening or daytime nature of the make-up, emphasizes or, on the contrary, obscures the natural shine of the iris.

    Thus, understanding how to correctly draw arrows on the eyes is a necessary condition for the desired spectacular look. These rules are simple, but their observance is necessary, if you want to avoid unenviable experiments on your own appearance and fully use the magical power of beauty.

    Individual approach

    Arrows on the eyes - a purely individual thing. This is not the situation when you need to be equal to someone else's standard, whether it's the best friend or your favorite actress. You have your own natural data, so makeup should also be your own, unique, suitable for you. Here are the recommendations of specialists:

    • if your upper eyelids are heavy, with an overhanging skin fold( unfortunately, a very frequent symptom of age changes), make the arrows as thin and elegant as possible, otherwise the face will appear rough and the look stiff;
    Heavy eyelids
    • give preference to thin hands if in the mobile age you have a narrow gap between the streak of eyelash growth and the upper fold( the gap value is evaluated with the eye open).If the indicated space is rather wide, arrows can be drawn thicker;
    • owners of small, like slit-like eyes, it is necessary to make eyeliner not just one, but two arrows. The first( thin) is applied to the lower eyelid, the second( wider) to the upper eyelid. In both cases, the lines lead along the eyelashes, leaving their tips parallel, without connection. Such a visual technique allows you to open your eyes, make it more open;
    Arrows for narrow eyes
    • Correction of the eye shape for ladies with lowered eyes to reach the standard canons of beauty will help a wide arrow over the upper eyelashes, and if only the outer corners of the eyes( sad look) are lowered, the arrow should be of usual thickness, but end with a characteristic tail pointing upwards, to the eyebrows, thanks to this the edge seems to rise;
    • how to draw arrows in front of eyes, if they are planted too close? Conduct arrows from the middle of the eye, along the growth band of ciliated hairs, and be sure to take them outside the corner for a couple of millimeters;
    Arrows for closely-set eyes
    • When the situation is reversed the previous one and the eyes are spread out too far, the position will be corrected by neat arrows-birds over the inner corners of the eyes;
    • a lady with round eyes can visually make her eyes almond-shaped, leading a thin arrow from the middle of the century( top, naturally) and thickening it as it approaches the outer corner.

    In all other cases, except as described above, the freedom of make-up and selection of options according to one's own taste is allowed.

    Case technology

    Technique drawing arrows

    So, with the shape and thickness of the liner we sorted out. Now let's get acquainted with the technical side of the question, how to draw arrows correctly.

    The first and perhaps the leading rule is not to close your eyes while drawing, otherwise the arrow graphics will surely be skewed and will not lie as you would like. The second rule in the struggle for the clarity of lines - applying makeup on the eyelids, look in the mirror directly, and not from the side. And, finally, the third rule: even if you planned to create a massive arrow, start drawing with the most delicate neat line - it can always be expanded to the size you need, but narrow down if overdo it is unlikely to succeed, you will have to redo everything.

    Where to start drawing? Many advise to drive an arrow from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, but this is an option for those who have a hard hand and do not flinch in the process. All the rest is better to start drawing from the central point of the century and lead to the outer corner, but not to the end. Then you should put a little point in the place of the supposed end of your arrow and connect the main line with this point. The final stroke is to draw a line from the inner corner of the century to the ready-made arrow. Such a step-by-step drawing allows the hand to rest and reduces the chance of error.

    When applying the arrows, try to clearly adhere to the growth band of ciliated hairs - when a lumen appears between the line and eyelashes, an impression of emptiness appears. It is better to apply the shimmer over the shadows, and not vice versa. Avoid the use of eye cream before make-up - the lines are blurred. If you do not have a lot of experience in make-up, use a pencil pen for drawing arrows, since liquid liner, although it gives a better graphic effect, requires much more skill and accuracy when applied.

    Summing up, we should note that drawing arrows in front of eyes is a real art of visage, and you can learn it only in the course of your daily creative practice. This element of makeup takes time, requires constant training and self-improvement. But the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Agree, it is worthy of a beautiful frame.


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