How to sunbathe in a sunbed - how to properly sunbathe in a solarium

  • How to sunbathe in a sunbed - how to properly sunbathe in a solarium

    With the merits of a solarium now, probably, every woman is familiar. It really can be called the easiest way to get a smooth and beautiful tan, healthy and flowering appearance. In addition, it is believed that a solarium can raise a person's mood, thanks to the production of a hormone. Light stimulates the synthesis of endorphins, which is responsible for your positive emotions. In addition, in the solarium, the body can get the vitamin D3 needed for it.

    Why is there so much talk about whether you can even visit a solarium? And all because he, however, like the ordinary sun, if misused, can bring significant harm to the human body. Therefore, if you do not really believe all these rumors and do not want to comply with all the necessary recommendations, it is better for you, of course, not to visit the solarium.

    How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck so that there were no negative moments that the health was saved, and the beautiful equal sunburn turned out?

    Contraindications to the solarium

    A large number of people believe that sunburn obtained in a solarium is harmful less than natural. They are motivated by the fact that the solariums are equipped with special filters that do not allow harmful gamma rays to pass through. It's really true. But still use the solarium you need with the mind and observe the necessary restrictions.

    If on your skin there are any irritations, pimples or wounds, you need to give up tanning in the solarium until everything is completely gone. There are generally such skin diseases, when sunbathing in a solarium is not something that is not recommended, but simply contraindicated.

    In addition, forget about visiting the solarium, if you have high fever or just not very good health. Another contraindication is taking any medications. They can cause irritation.

    In general, if you want to become a regular visitor to a solarium, it is best to consult with an expert before starting the visits. No need to rely on the solarium administrator, of course, they can give some useful advice. But most likely, they will touch a good tan and not your health.

    The right tan

    When visiting a solarium, you must adhere to certain principles that will help you to properly sunbathe in the solarium. If you observe everything that experts advise, not only get a beautiful tan, but do not harm your health either.

    A few tips in front of the

    • solarium before you go to the solarium, take a bath or shower. To avoid overdrying the skin, it is best to wash with non-alkaline agents. That is, do not use soap, better buy a soft shower gel;
    • coming to the solarium itself, be sure to take sunglasses that will protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. In addition, you need to protect her and her hair, for this use a kerchief or cap;
    • if you wear contact lenses, it is best to remove them during the procedure;
    • always use sunscreen! And not ordinary, but those that are designed specifically for the solarium. Apply a thick layer of protective balm on the lips.

    One of the most important moments in the solarium is the proper protection of your breasts. You can use a bra made of cotton fabric. Well, if you want to sunbathe topless, take special pads for a halo( they are called stikini).If you have tattoos, it's best to cover for the time when you will take sunbathing. Otherwise, allergies may occur.

    Do not visit the solarium with a full "fighting color", be sure to flush all makeup before the procedure. In addition, give up perfume, because any makeup and perfume contains substances that can not only cause an allergic reaction, but also block your tan. About jewelry and jewelry, most likely, you should not say - leave them at home.

    Very carefully you need to consider the question of how often to sunbathe in the solarium and how long you will do it. The right tan in the solarium - the choice of the optimal time for each procedure, as well as a competent amount of these procedures. Do not try to achieve a sufficient tan for you at a time! Let the salon specialists help you to choose the time of the procedure. For this they will have to take into account many points, the main one of which is the type of your skin.

    Sunbathing in a vertical solarium can be no more than 5 minutes. The average number of visits with this procedure time is approximately 6-8 sessions, at least every other day. This amount of "sun" will be enough for you to acquire a uniform and natural tan.

    If you decide to sunbathe in a horizontal solarium, there time is increased to 10 minutes. The main thing is not to slumber under a warm "sun" in any case! Do not rely on the attention of salon employees. Otherwise, the consequences can be very, very unpleasant.

    After the procedure, you can come home and after four hours take a shower( without soap and gels!), After which moisturize with cream or milk and skin and drink tea or juice, the carrot will do the best.

    Skin type

    The duration of each session will depend only on the condition of your skin and its type. Of course, in many salons you can literally immediately tell how much you can sunbathe in the solarium, but it's very important to understand it yourself.

    If your skin is very light, slightly pink, be prepared for the fact that even the most seemingly short session can cause burns on your skin.

    If the skin can be called swarty, you can sunbathe from 5 to 10 minutes. You will get a quick tan in a tanning salon and the risk of getting burns with such a skin will be minimal.

    Whatever the skin, remember that you need to increase the duration of the sessions gradually. After all, the skin should get used to the influence of ultraviolet radiation on it.

    Observe the necessary breaks between visits - one or two days. In no case do you need to go to the solarium every day! In general, it is best to visit the solarium three times a week until you realize that you have finally received the desired shade of the skin. Then go to "sunbathe" once a week, so you have a wonderful support for your tan.

    Increase the firmness of the tan

    Did you know that a well-moisturized skin not only tans better, but also perfectly retains a golden hue? This is true. Therefore, immediately after you take "sunny" baths, it is recommended to cover the skin with a moisturizer or lotion. Also, you need to use moisturizers after each shower or bath.

    Immediately upon arrival, after the procedure, you do not need to take a shower, it is better to do this after 4 hours. Special cosmetics that help maintain tanning - a pledge of a persistent golden hue. But choose it thoughtfully, because there are such cosmetics that are aimed more at protecting the skin. They give a very light tint. But others just strengthen the effect of ultraviolet radiation and make the tan more intense.

    Purchase yourself also special means that fix the tan.

    Tanning in a solarium is a great opportunity to acquire a golden shade of skin and quickly prepare for the beach season. But it is important to tan properly, otherwise you will not get a beautiful skin, but its burn.