Alginate face masks: how to apply them yourself

  • Alginate face masks: how to apply them yourself

    Alginates are salts of alginic acid, which are extracted from algae. The main source of alginates is brown algae. Based on alginates make alginate face masks.

    Alginates have been discovered only recently, but have already gained wide popularity. They are used in pharmacology and very widely in cosmetology. Masks based on alninate have many positive effects on the skin. In addition, they are suitable for any type of skin. Therefore, their use has become so popular.

    Such masks are used for skin rejuvenation. Their use gives a noticeable rejuvenating effect. When treating the problem skin in today's cosmetology, you can not do without alginate means.

    Types and properties of alginate mixtures for the face

    To date, masks with alginates for the face are considered one of the best means to combat wrinkles and to improve the elasticity of the skin.

    Alginates contribute to:

    • skin cleansing from surplus sebum and sebaceous plugs;
    • saturation of the skin with nutrients;
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    • narrowing of pores;
    • improving blood circulation;
    • reduces edema and swelling;
    • to remove traces of rash and relieve minor inflammation;
    • stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.

    Depending on the composition and additives, alginate mixtures for the face are divided into several types:

    Basic. Contain only alginates, diluted with mineral water. Used for lifting and moisturizing, normalizing the water balance of the skin.

    Collagen. In such masks, collagen is additionally added, which contributes to a more effective fight against wrinkles.

    With vitamin C. They promote the improvement of complexion, the removal of pigmented spots.

    Vegetable. With the addition of various herbal extracts. Have a nourishing, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect.

    Chitosan. First of all, they have a moisturizing effect.

    How to make masks with alginates at home

    Alginate facial products can be applied not only in the salon, but also at home. Alginate products for the face are released in the form of powders, gels and pastes. If the mask is in the form of a powder, then it will need to be diluted in a certain amount of water specified in the instructions. When the mask becomes gel-like, it can be applied to the face.

    Before applying the mask, the face skin should be cleaned. On eyebrows and eyelashes, apply a fat cream. These masks are applied to the entire surface of the face and to the eyes, too.

    The mask can be applied with therapeutic serum or emulsion to solve the problems of your skin.

    The mask is applied to the face with a spatula and moves along the massage lines. The mask needs to be applied quickly, so that it lies flat and does not have time to freeze.

    Hardening, the mask becomes similar to rubber and decreases in volume. The frozen mask is simply removed from the face, moving from the chin upward.

    The face after this mask is wiped with a tonic.

    At home, for successful masking, you will need an assistant. One to cope with the rapid application of a mask is quite difficult. And do not throw away the remainder of the powder in the drain, otherwise you will clog the pipes with a solid mass.

    It is convenient to use alginate care for the face when the effect is needed quickly.

    Alginate mixtures should be used carefully, since they can cause an allergic reaction. Before applying the mask, check how your body perceives it, smearing the mixture with your wrist.

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