How to sleep properly with a pregnant woman - how to sleep a pregnant woman

  • How to sleep properly with a pregnant woman - how to sleep a pregnant woman

    Pregnancy is a special time in the life of every woman. In these nine months you need to be very careful with your health. Even the most common trifle, for example, a favorite pose during sleep, can hurt the baby. So how to sleep properly during pregnancy?

    Sleep is very important for all people without exception. During sleep, our body restores the lost strength and energy lost in a day. The nervous system rests from everyday experiences. A woman during pregnancy should be more at rest, especially in the first trimester, when the risk of termination of pregnancy is highest. Often pregnant women for the first few weeks suffer increased drowsiness. This is due to a hormonal imbalance in the body. Over time, drowsiness recedes. Do not go on about your body. You can tonify yourself with green tea or a contrast shower.

    In the second half of pregnancy, women experience discomfort during sleep due to a large abdomen. How can I get comfortable in bed to sleep well and not harm the baby?

    It is necessary to properly prepare for bedtime

    Relaxation before going to sleep
    • Relax. To do this, you can use various aromatic oils in the shower, aroma in the bedroom. The husband can make an easy relaxing massage. It is very important to relax, leave all cares and worries behind the bedroom door, because nerves are the biggest enemy of a healthy sleep. If a person's nervous system is shaken, then it will be bad to sleep. Hence the unhealthy complexion, constant fatigue and poor progress at work, even greater experiences, and again an unhealthy dream is a vicious circle. Therefore, it is very important for a pregnant woman to be able to relax, to sleep sound healthy sleep.
    • Sick the hunger. I can not sleep on an empty stomach. A pregnant woman can not be hungry at all. Do not overeat at night for any goodies, it will be enough to have warm milk with a biscuit or a light sandwich.
    • Free nightwear. It does not matter what you prefer to sleep - in pajamas or nightgown - clothes should be comfortable and free. She should not restrain movement. Choose pajamas and shirts made of natural fabrics: in them the skin "breathes".In addition, natural materials do not cause allergic reactions, have a soft texture, which is pleasant to the touch and does not cause discomfort during the rest.
    • Cozy atmosphere. It is necessary to ventilate the room before going to bed, because it is not very pleasant to sleep in a stuffy room. The bed should fit your needs: be not too soft and not too tight. A blanket or a blanket is also at your discretion and depending on the current season of the year.

    Positions at rest

    In the early stages you can sleep in your favorite position, even on your stomach. Doctors do not see any risks in this. It is worthwhile, nevertheless, to think about how to immediately get used to the position in which you will sleep with a big belly. It is better to prepare for this in advance, so as not to experience any discomfort and discomfort during the rest.

    The most convenient and safe pose physicians consider the position of the body on its side. In general, doctors recommend that both men and women sleep on their right side. In this position, the human body distributes the load evenly. Especially this position is beneficial for the work of the heart.

    For pregnant women, it's best to lie on your left side, bending your right leg, and straighten your left leg. Even better, if the right foot is resting on the pillow. Thanks to this position of the body, the pregnant woman is provided with the best blood flow to the fetus, the kidneys and the liver begin to work better, as a result of which the edema of the lower extremities decreases.

    You can not sleep on a pregnant woman's belly. You can harm the fetus, because it will be a lot of pressure.

    Sleeping on the back is uncomfortable because of pain in the lumbosacral spine. In this position, the child exerts pressure on the internal organs of the mother, so the blood circulation slows down its tempo. This can adversely affect the work of the entire female body.

    Sleeping in the "lying" position is uncomfortable

    Sleeping in the reclining

    It is not uncommon for pregnant women to feel uncomfortable lying down lying. In such a situation, doctors recommend putting a few pillows under your back: a pose of "reclining" is obtained. Back in this position does not strain, the spine rest."Reclining" you can sleep on your back and on your side.

    It should be noted that constantly in the same position, you should not sleep. It is necessary to change sides, so that the abdomen is not deformed. Being constantly in the same position, the belly "gets used" to this one-sidedness, the little one gets used too. It is good if the amniotic space is large enough so that the baby does not feel this constancy. As a result of "one-sidedness", the uterine space can deform, which can have an impact on the correct development of the baby.