• Juices from fruits, berries, vegetables

    According to the content of vitamins, vegetables and fruits can be divided into the following groups.

    The first group. Vegetables and fruits that deliver mainly vitamin C to the human body, as well as minerals, sugar, fiber, vitamins A and B.

    Tomatoes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, cabbage( especially sauerkraut), currants, gooseberries,forest berries, capsicum, raspberries, strawberries, parsley greens.

    The second group. Vegetables and fruits that supply the body mainly with carotene. Vegetables and fruits of this group are supplied, besides addition, minerals, vitamin C, sugar, fiber, vitamin B2.

    This group includes carrots, tomatoes, melon, apricots, pumpkin, leek, Brussels sprouts, green peas , beans, parsley, red pepper, rowan.

    Third group. Vegetables and fruits containing a small amount of mineral substances and vitamins, water soluble and polio vitally affecting the metabolism in the body( vitamin C and B vitamins).

    This group includes beets, cucumbers, celery, onions, radishes, parsley, apples, pears, plums, cherries and grapes.

    Since vegetables and fruits are often contaminated with microbes, and sometimes with chemicals( plant protection products), pepper treatment should be done very carefully.

    To ensure that the prepared beverages retain the nutritional value of the feedstock, it should be:

    1. Vegetables and fruits intended for processing must be carefully sorted out, reclining the spoiled and stale;

    2. diligently wash vegetables and fruits under the tap. Pay special attention to tubers that are very polluted with earth and microbes in it. Wash tubers with a brush;

    3. Vegetables and fruits that can not be processed with peel, wash, and then cut off them peel( thin layer) with a sharp stainless knife or grooved;

    4. Peeled vegetables washed quickly so that they do not lose valuable substances( the peeled fruit does not wash);

    5. Fruits and vegetables intended for the preparation of natural juices, processed quickly and immediately before cooking.

    Juices must be prepared only from fresh, not spoiled vegetables, fruits and fruits and immediately drink.