• Treatment of inflammation of the middle ear with folk remedies and methods

    This is an acute or chronic inflammation of the middle ear. It appears as a complication after infectious diseases.

    Symptoms: pulsating permanent earache, giving off in the head, neck, teeth, worse at night, ear noise and sharp hearing loss, fever.

    Prophylaxis: hardening of the body, prevention of infectious diseases, proper nasal breathing. Protect your ears from water ingress.

    First aid: put warm warming compress on the ear with camphor alcohol diluted in half with water. This will reduce pain. To appear to the doctor, as the otitis is dangerous for its complications, if not start treatment in time. Otitis can pass into chronic otitis media, which occurs with constant or periodic suppuration from the ear, hearing loss, noise in the ears.

    Treatment: administration of sulfonamide drugs and antibiotics as directed by a physician.

    Traditional medicine for diseases of the ears recommends:

    1. Green leaf of fragrant geranium grind in the hand, put on cotton wool and lay in a sore ear. So you can treat the otitis.

    2. Tincture of juniper berries. Put in the ear cotton wool soaked with tincture.

    3. Tincture of rhizome of ayr marsh, collected late autumn. In a ratio of 1:10, insist rhizomes in

    40 ° alcohol 8 days in a dark place. Take 30 drops three times a day.

    4. Peony tincture. Take 20 drops 3 times a day.

    5. To improve hearing, chew daily according to 1/4 lemon with skin.

    Witchcraft and are recommended for pain in the ears:

    1. Anisic seed crushed into powder. Pour into a bottle for 1/4, pour with rosehip oil. Insist in a dark place for 21 days, occasionally shaking.

    Every evening, before going to bed, drip into each ear 2-3 drops of this oil for deafness.

    2. Fresh juice from leaves of walnut to drip 3 drops in the ear with suppuration.

    3. Using a solution of mummy ( 2 g per 100 ml of water), moisten the swab and insert into the ear. Repeat several times. Inflammation of the middle ear.

    4. Lightly heat honey in a teaspoon in a water bath. Drip at night in each ear for 2-3 drops with inflammation and shooting in the ears.

    5. Alcohol tincture of propolis should be mixed in half with honey. To drip into each ear 2-3 drops every 1 night for inflammation and suppuration. It is possible in these cases to dig in 2-3 drops of alcohol tincture of propolis.

    6. Clover meadow. Fresh crushed leaves are applied externally for stopping bleeding, healing wounds, with burns, abscesses and rheumatic pains. For the same purposes, fresh juice of plants suits. It is also effective when suppuration of the nail bed and fingers, skin tuberculosis, inflammatory diseases of the ears and eyes.

    7. 0.35 g mum mixed with pure rose oil, to add grape juice and bury in the ear. Helps with deafness, ulcers and suppuration of the ear.

    With congenital deafness, the mummy is mixed with unsalted lard and buryed in the ear.

    8. Boric alcohol should be poured into the penicillin vial. Mummy the size of a match head dissolve in alcohol and mix well. To drip in a sick ear on 3 4 drops in the morning and in the evening at an inflammation of an ear( otitis).

    9. With purulent otitis, middle ear inflammation, hearing loss, instill mumiye 0.4 g in a mixture with pink or with other oils in a ratio of 1:10, in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Simultaneous intake of mummy inside of 0.2-0.3 g in a mixture with milk and honey enhances the outflow of pus and anti-inflammatory effect.

    10. Moisten flagellum from cotton wool in a strong solution of mummy and insert into ear with inflammation of middle ear.

    11. When the ear is swollen with "ear secretions", "wax" and dull hearing( without pain), the following procedure is used. In the head, the bulbs are cut out into a cube, the knife is widened and the hole is deepened. Then, 1 teaspoon of seeds cumin is poured into the inside and covered with a diced cube as a lid. Then the bulb is baked, the juice is squeezed out of the hot juice, a few drops of hot juice drip into the auditory canal and covered with cotton wool. This procedure should be done 2 times a day until complete recovery.

    12. If purulent inflammation of the middle ear take fresh bulb, squeeze the juice and impregnated cotton wool with this juice is laid in the ear.

    In White magic has a prescription for curing deafness. Cut six thick thick river reeds, wipe the middle with a stick and insert not tight cotton wool into the void, on top of either end, drip 5 drops of eucalyptus and pine oil onto it and plug cork holes. Opening the cork, slowly draw in the fragrance, and after typing a full mouth, plug the tube, clamp the nose and mouth and, inflating his cheeks, let the air through his ears. The tube to carry with itself and do such inhalation no more than 4-6 times at a time and not more than four times per hour. This same inhalation is good for bronchitis.

    Traditional medicine still recommends such tools:

    1. Paste or onion juice is injected with a tampon into the ear with purulent otitis.

    2. Infusion of the herb of the narrow-leaved ( ivan-tea, koporsky tea).2 tablespoons of herbs pour in a thermos bottle with 2 cups of water and leave for 6 hours.

    3. When leaking from the ear, the ear should be douched with a warm infusion of chamomile - a teaspoon of dry herb to a glass of water, insist, drain, syringe. With a persistent leak from the ear, you need to see a doctor, since the inflammatory process can go to the periosteum and threaten the inflammation of the meninges.

    The most common complication in inflammation of the middle ear is hearing loss( hearing loss).

    Folk remedies, helping hearing restoration:

    1. Drink very hot onions herbs per day and alternately pour 7-8 drops of warm almond oil in your ears: one day pour in the left ear, on the second day- in the right and vice versa..2. To improve hearing, eat 1/4 lemon with crust.

    3. One teaspoon of pure birch tar is mixed with a glass of warm milk. Take three meals a day in between meals. Drink 1.5 months. Deafness passes.

    Doctor PM Kurennoye advises: Folk remedy for ear pain and deafness. Often after a cold, there is severe pain sometimes in one ear, and sometimes in both at once. This pain is often accompanied by deafness. The author knows the case when a ten-year-old girl becomes ill with the disease described above. A dozen doctors of official medicine treated( or rather, only tormented) the patient completely in vain. Having lost faith in the doctors of scientific medicine, the father of the girl brought the sick to the sorceress. The latter folded the funnel into a large sheet of sugar( thick blue) paper, inserted the narrow end of the funnel into the girl's ear and lit the wide end of the funnel. When the funnel burned almost all, the witch doctor with a light blow of the hand knocked out the remainder of the funnel from the patient's ear. Then I did the same procedure with the second ear. All the pain and deafness disappeared immediately.

    Four sorcerous remedies for pain in the ears

    A. Sometimes, after a severe cold, ear pain happens with a lumbago. It is necessary to start treatment immediately, so that the complication does not start. If you know definitely that the cause of cold pain, you need to proceed to the treatment method described below.

    Very good heat brick or a large stone, wrap it in a rag, put on a sore ear and hold for two hours. With this method it is recommended to give the patient any drug so that he sweats during the treatment of the ear or ears.

    B. If the ear disease or lumbago is not a consequence of a cold, then we must resort to the next excellent remedy, and immediately.

    Boil one tenth quart of milk with seven unripe( green) heads of poppy for forty minutes. Cool until the broth becomes warm. Take the spray gun and rinse the ear with this still warm liquid.

    B. Take linen cloth, soak it with molten liquid with wax or spread a thin layer of wax on this fabric, roll up the matter with a funnel, insert the narrow end of the funnel into the patient's ear, and light the wide end. When the rag burns almost to the ear, with a slight movement of the hand, beat out the remainder of the funnel from the ear.

    Famous connoisseurs of folk medicine Dr. Benediktov and Prince Engalychev, like many sorcerers, claim that with this method of treatment all dirt and pus will be pulled out of the ear. The disease slowly but surely will decline.

    D. Ear flushing with hot milk, with the addition of hemp oil during the boiling of milk, greatly helps to stop ear pain.