How to get dressed for New Year's corporate 2016 - clothes choice( + photo)

  • How to get dressed for New Year's corporate 2016 - clothes choice( + photo)

    Corporate parties before the New Year - it's always fun, interesting and bright. But do not forget that you will have fun with your employees, whom you will face every day in the new 2016 year. In order not to blush and not be embarrassed at a meeting, remembering New Year's corporate and your outfit, it is worth taking care of choosing clothes long before the season of holidays.

    The right choice of clothes is the key to the success of

    Although corporations also presume freedom in choosing outfits, you should not get too involved, especially if you occupy a very high position in the company or vice versa, while you are at the first steps of the career ladder. In the first case, too outspoken or tasteless outfit is able to lower your authority from subordinates, and in the second, to create an opinion about you as a frivolous and not too well-bred person.

    Please note! Bold outfits with a big neckline and bare backs, ultra short skirts and breathtaking cuts are left for meetings and friendly meetings in the circle of old acquaintances.

    Corporative, first of all, will require the display of good taste, competent selection of shoes and accessories and perfectly seated things. So, how to dress for the New Year's corporate 2016 so that it looks modern and fashionable, and not vulgar, gray or tasteless?

    Is it worth it?

    Give up extreme bold outfits of unusual length and shape: too short, long, narrow or curvy dresses will constrain movements, trains and scarves to get confused and stop dancing. Leave such outfits for special occasions, where you will not need to actively move around.

    Dress should be comfortable

    Choose a smart dress, in which you will be most comfortable and sit, and participate in mobile contests and dances. Check that it does not wrinkle anywhere and does not interfere, then at the party you will simply forget what you are wearing and enjoy the holiday. If the outfit is to your face, convenient and corresponds to the event - this is the most successful choice.

    Avoid uncomfortable dresses with an

    train. It's not necessary to choose only the dress: corporate is not a "red carpet" and does not require too strictly a limited dress code. A skirt with a blouse, and even trousers, is also perfect. It is important that this is not an office clothing, materials should be more expensive and elegant.

    Not only dress

    is appropriate. For example, a blouse can be bright silk, pants are satin, and a skirt - brocade or leather, suede, lace. The choice of options is very large and will allow to find a harmonious set for each woman.

    Lace blouse

    Pay attention to the choice of laundry. Often all the impression of elegant clothes is spoiled by an inappropriate set of underwear - "rollers" from a tight bra and stripes from the bunched panties are especially noticeable under thin tight clothing.

    Please note! If your dress is made of fine jersey or smooth silk, choose a special seamless underwear - it is not visible at all under the clothes.
    Seamless underwear

    Another touch, which will demonstrate your good taste and subtle understanding of etiquette - it's bra straps. Ideally, they should not be visible at all, but if this can not be avoided, replace the usual lumochki with transparent silicone. There is nothing worse than noticeable elements of underwear, especially under a festive gown.

    Clothes styles

    If you judge by the numerous photos from fashion shows and fashion shows, feminine and extravagant things are in fashion. Choosing a bright silk dress or blouse, a dress, strewn with rhinestones, a leather skirt or satin pants, keep in mind that all the other details of your toilet should match the style of the outfit. From the correct selection of shoes, handbags and ornaments will depend on the impression you make.

    Handbag and shoes

    The only thing that should be completely avoided is too strict official things. All the same it is a holiday, and it is necessary to look on it appropriately. Also inappropriate are things in the sporting style, safaris and military, boring and banal colors, too simple and everyday. Down with knitted blouses - if you think that in an open dress you will be cool, put on a beautiful scarf or pashmina - it looks very feminine and fashionable.

    Bright shoes on a hairpin

    If you really want, as a basic thing you can choose and jeans, but with several subtleties. Jeans should be very high-quality, expensive and perfect for you to sit.

    Please note! No sneakers or ballet shoes - only elegant shoes!

    Perfectly suited acupressure shoes on the hairpin of juicy "fruit" shades, open sandals made of metallized leather or decorated with a whole scattering of rhinestones and stones.

    Shoes with crystals

    The top should also be very elegant - it can be a chiffon blouse, loose satin blouson or an elegant little blouse made of lace. It is very important - no open bellies, if you do not want to see a cartoon in your corridor for your New Year's attire. You will not be forgiven for a gray and boring outfit, but this will be forgotten sooner than vulgar and inappropriate things. Be good taste and discretion, and your corporate will become only joy and pleasure.


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