• Pest of cucumber, squash and pumpkin

    Spider mite - one of the dangerous pests of cucumber in greenhouses, hotbeds and open ground. Ticks measuring 0.3-0.5 mm, greenish-yellow with dark spots on the sides. Live and eat mites on the underside of the leaves, wrapping them in a thin web. They suck the plant juice, piercing the skin of the leaf. As a result, bright spots are formed, then discolored areas appear, the leaf turns yellow and withers. Control measures. Strongly affected leaves are collected in a bucket and burned or buried deep into the ground. Against the tick are also used carbofos( 40-60 g per 10 liters of water) and phytoverm( 4 ml per 1 liter of water).Spray the plants every 6-7 days. The success of their processing largely depends on how well the bottom of the sheet is wetted with the solution. Cucumbers should be planted early. Around the planting of cucumber, we need to systematically destroy the weeds.

    Melon horn has an oval body of 1.2-2 mm in length. Color from yellow to dark green, almost black. The larvae are yellow or green. Hibernate adult aphids or larvae mainly in weeds. In spring, at an air temperature of about 12 ° C begin to multiply, eating first on weeds, and then switching to crops. In the open ground aphid appears on cucumbers in July-August, and in sheltered - in the spring. Colonies of aphids settle on the lower surface of leaves, on shoots, flowers and ovaries, causing them to twist and wrinkle. Sometimes on the surface of the leaves, on the sweet secretions of aphids, nonparasitic fungi develop, forming a white coating.

    Control measures. Destruction of weeds;spraying with drugs a double effect of PA for 10 liters of water), the commander( 1 ml per 10 liters of water).

    Rostby fly - gray, 3-5 mm long. The larva is whitish, up to 7 mm in length, narrowed towards the anterior end. Flies fly out in tea, lay eggs under the clumps of soil, preferring a damp one with poorly ground manure. After 6-8 days, larvae enter into swollen seeds or sprouts, dig the subclavian knee and penetrate the stem. Damaged seeds die, sprouts wither or grow weak plants. Larvae live 12-17 days and pupate in the soil.

    Control measures. Deep digging of soil and careful manure sealing;collection and destruction of plant remains and weeds;sowing seeds in the optimal time and care for plants.