• Treatment of spinal curvature by folk remedies and methods

    Curvature of the spine is called changing its normal configuration. Normally, the spine has characteristic curves of the cervical and lumbar region forward, and the thoracic and sacral parts - back. Lateral bends normal spine does not. Bends of the spine are formed in early childhood.

    Symptoms: increased fatigue of the back( it is impossible to sit for a long time in one pose), back pain, a noticeable change in posture.

    What's going on? Deflected spinal bends may be congenital or acquired. Congenital curvature of the spine can occur when there are violations of the intrauterine development of the skeleton( the formation of additional and wedge-shaped vertebrae, their incorrect formation, etc.).Normal from the birth of the spine may be warped as a result of the effect of any disease( most often - rickets, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis and pleurisy, sciatica) or trauma, especially fracture of the spine. Curvature of the spine may also be associated with impaired posture, different length of the legs or lack of one of them, etc. Professional back curvature arises in those who, due to the nature of their work, have to keep a long pose for a long time( violinists, watchmakers, shoemakers, office workers).

    Predispose to the development of scoliosis( lateral curvature of the spine) and other distortions of rickets, reduced nutrition and poor physical development.

    The initial stages of curvature of the spine are manifested by rapid fatigue of the muscles of the back when sitting. Over time, a fixed curvature develops, the mobility of the spine gradually decreases, and the vertebrae are deformed, squeezing and acquiring a wedge shape.

    In the next stage, when the curvature of the spine becomes fixed, it leads to rapid fatigue and frequent neuralgic pains due to infringement of the intercostal nerves. In connection with the decrease in the mobility of the spine, and consequently, the chest, ventilation is reduced and resistance to colds and infectious diseases.

    What should I do? The most effective treatment is the curvature of the spine at the initial stage. For this, therapeutic gymnastics, massages, special corsets are used. With scoliosis, Chinese gymnastics, such as Wushu, are of great benefit. In particularly severe cases, surgical intervention is required.

    Prevention of curvature of the spine is the elimination of the causes that cause it. It is very important to provide children with furniture made with age-specific features. It is better if the children sleep on a hard bed( mattresses made of coconut fiber are good for this purpose).It is also necessary to observe a rational regime of the day and rich in vitamins and mineral salts, adequate nutrition, walks for at least 2-3 hours a day, outdoor games and gymnastics.