• Parents - trainers for children

    Now your child is ready for any kind of physical activity and he needs a good coach. And who can be a better coach than you? After all, it is you who know your child best of all. However, in order to become a good coach for a child, you must also be a good athlete yourself.

    Unfortunately, not every parent can boast of good physical training. If you are from this number and do not do well in sports, do not despair, but just start to train with your child. You can follow the following plan.

    • Even if you have a big house, be sure to run outdoors. Running in a house for a two-year-old child is the same imprisonment as for a six-month-old child - crawling in an arena.

    • Walking in the snow is a great breathing exercise. If there are no conditions for running, devote a little time to going uphill, sledging or just take a walk, admiring the scenery.

    Choose the type of physical activity that you like best. Suppose this is gymnastics.

    Buy and read the appropriate manuals. Watch with him the TV, when it broadcasts reports about gymnastic competitions. Do not hide your delight from those wonderful exercises that you will see. Take the child to the gym. Communicate with gymnasts.

    Make up your own gymnastics program, detailing the procedure for introducing new exercises. For each level of development, set the appropriate goals. Start doing some types of exercises. Lead your child a few steps.

    Begin to train your child. Classes should be frequent and very short, the intensity low. Always stop before the child wants. Think every lesson so that the child always achieves success.

    Try to keep up with your child, who will exceed you very quickly. It is you who must teach him new exercises and discover the joy of discovery together!

    When you teach the child everything you can, you will need help from the outside. Look for a good coach who would be your like-minded person, because he has to develop and consolidate everything you have achieved.

    Do not try to arrange competitions between your child and other children. It is very high risk to discourage the child from doing sports at all.

    So, giving your child all the opportunities for physical development, you accelerated the development of his brain, including the vestibular apparatus. The child became stronger, hardened, became dexterous and strong. His breathing system is well developed, so now he is ready for perfection in any kind of physical activity, and from the point of view of his mobility he himself can be called perfection.