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    Features of the game and its educational value. The proposed game is conducted for the further rapprochement of children and the development of friendly, friendly relations in the group. A game situation is created in which each child can choose the gift that he would like to receive. The rest of the children use this gesture to represent this object. Thus, they seem to fulfill each other's desires, which creates a joyful mood.

    The task of the child is to convey through the movements the character of the toy being represented. It must be done nicely;expressively, so that it would be easy to find out. The solution of this task activates the children's imagination, educates the initiative, prepares for the acceptance of the role and imaginary situation.

    Description of the game and its techniques."Do you like when you are given toys?- the educator refers to the children."Now we will make presents to each other."The adult offers to children to be built in a big circle, beckoning to the one who will be the first to choose a gift. The kid goes out into the middle of the circle, and the tutor, together with the children, conducts round dance under the following words:

    We brought gifts to all, Those who want will take, Here is a brightly decorated doll with a ribbon, A horse, a top and an airplane.

    These words together with the tutor are pronounced by all participants of the game, gradually memorizing them. List the toys need slowly, expressively, so that children have time to imagine every object in their minds.

    When the words end, the children stop. The educator, addressing the child standing in a circle, asks which of the gifts he would like to receive. If the baby chooses a horse, the children picture how the horse jumps. If the doll is chosen, everyone dances like dolls, if the top is spinning, and if the plane is chosen, the flight is mimicked and the plane lands. Let us give the words and rhythmic movements that children perform in the dance.

    Horse Our horse rides, Chok-chok-chok!

    Heard, the sound of fast feet, Hop-hop-hop! Hop-hop-hop!. .


    Children turn and run one after another in a circle, raising their legs high like horses. Hands stretched forward, and the body - slightly deflected back. The "horse" stops.

    Referring to the child inside the circle, the teacher suggests that he look at "what beautiful horses we have" and choose the one that he liked best. Choosing a gift, the child takes a place in the dance, and the one whom he chooses, goes to the middle of the circle. The children again join hands and repeat the words: "We brought gifts to all. .."

    Doll Doll, doll, priplyashi, Bright tape of the wiggle.(Repeats twice.)

    Freely dance on the spot, facing the center for any dance melody, depicting a doll.

    The teacher offers the child in a circle to choose which doll he liked best, go up to her and take her place in a dance. The game continues.

    Volochok Here's how the spinning top whirls, Prozhuzh-zh-zhal and on the barrel.(Repeats twice.)

    Swirl on the spot, then crouch, leaning slightly on the side, leaning his hand on the floor.

    airplane When a plane is depicted, each child "starts a motor" - under the sound, rr-rr-rr-rp makes circular movements with his hands in front of him. Then he spreads his arms wide( like wings) with a broad gesture and - flies( ie, runs) in a circle with the sound of w-w-w-w! Having made a full circle, the plane slows down and slowly lands, that is, the child crouches squatting.

    Rules of the game.

    1. Everyone is allowed to choose any of these items as a present.

    2. The selected child becomes the center of the circle instead of the one who received the gift.

    Tips for the educator. This game can be conducted not only with kids, but also in a different age group, both indoors and on site. It is not necessary to explain the rules to the children in advance, they become clear during the game actions. Learn the necessary words and the corresponding movements. Perform them expressively, as children will imitate you. When the boys get comfortable with the game, you can diversify gifts, for example, offer a teddy bear, a bunny, a butterfly, a frog, a car and other objects that are easily portrayed through expressive movements.