What does a white horse dream about: an interpretation from different authors

  • What does a white horse dream about: an interpretation from different authors

    When beautiful and lovely creatures come in dreams, a person always wakes up in a good and cheerful mood. White horse is dreaming about something positive and favorable. Nevertheless, when interpreting the dream about this animal, it is necessary to recall all the details and events that took place in it.

    General Interpretations of

    To see a horse of any suit in a dream is an excellent omen. See how he jumps - dreams of fulfilling all dreams and achieving goals.

    Some interpretations say that to see a white horse in a dream promises irresponsibility, which will lead to complaints to your superiors. If a horse escapes in a dream, it means that someone from close friends or friends will soon fall ill. Thanks to these interpretations, it is possible to prevent advancing adversity.

    To dream of a white horse is interpreted as an offensive of an incredible and bright event. It will bring a lot of positive emotions and joy.

    In a dream, jumping on a white horse means that in reality a dre

    amer has true and kind friends who will receive help at the most unexpected moment. Jumping fearlessly on horseback - to serene happiness in the near future. Seeing in a dream, as you jump off the saddle, promises farewell to a career, a high position and prosperity.

    If in a dream you are amazed by the beauty of a white horse, then in real life you will meet a wonderful person who will turn your life around. Treating such a dream follows, based on other details, dreamed in the dream.

    Crossing a clean river or stream on horseback - promises good luck and joy, but dirty or muddy water - to trouble.

    Interpretation of dreams occurs in different ways for men and women. So, for a strong half to saddle a white horse in a dream, predicts a successful date with a charming lady. For a young girl to ride or run away from someone - means anxiety, problems and unfinished business. And to see a horse running on a hilly terrain, for a woman promises torments and fickle fate.

    Sonder Miller

    According to Miller's dream book, all dreams of horses are safe. Such dreams broadcast about reliable friends, pleasant and cheerful time spent with them. If in a dream a white horse is dirty, then such a dream promises deception on the part of a loved one.

    Jumping on a horse means moving up the career ladder. If a woman sees in her dream an elegant white horse, then in reality she has an important conversation with her beloved man.

    The modern dream book

    This dream book explains that dreams of a white horse are seen to refined deception. If in a dream a horse jumps on its hind legs - this is a dream to parting, a dead animal - to waste in life. To lead a horse under the bridle - dreams of a change of residence. Buy or get a white horse as a gift - predict good news soon.

    French dream book

    The interpretation of dreams of a white horse by a French dream book is traditionally. A beautiful and graceful horse in a dream is a good sign, a dirty or rebellious horse dreams of troubles and troubles. To stuff a white horse of a horseshoe dream to a successful resolution of all disputes and omissions.

    Female dream book

    White horse on a female dream book symbolizes success, but dirty - betrayal. Jumping on a white horse and constantly stumbling - promises obstacles and adversity in life. Fall from the horse in a dream - to be ready for serious troubles or illnesses. To subordinate a white horse in a dream is to overcome all difficulties. Search for an animal in a dream or lose it - dreams of a disagreement or divorce.

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