• Rozhaya treatment with folk remedies

    Roger, or erysipelas, is called an acute disease, accompanied by skin inflammation, fever and intoxication.

    The cause of the disease are streptococci, which penetrate through the microtraumas of the skin into the lymphatic vessels, thus causing inflammation.

    erysipelas is an infectious disease that mainly affects the skin. Its course is accompanied by symptoms of general intoxication and frequent relapses. The source of infection of this disease is a person, a carrier of streptococcus - an agent of erysipelas. Infiltrate the body through small infections of the skin and mucous membranes, such as scratches, cracks, etc.

    The main condition for the onset of the disease is a decrease in the body's immune forces under the influence of unfavorable factors.

    Women and elderly people are most often affected by the disease. After the transferred disease of immunity does not arise.

    The onset of the disease is characterized by an increase in body temperature to 39-40 ° C, chills, symptoms of general

    intoxication. In this case, the patient complains of weakness, headache, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting. A few hours after the onset of the disease, pain, itching, burning sensation, swelling and redness of the skin are noted in the area of ​​the affected area. The red spot in the area of ​​the affected area increases rapidly in size.

    The main areas of damage in erysipelas of the skin are the face( nasolabial folds, the back of the nose, cheeks, corners of the mouth) and the area of ​​the scalp. Very rarely, inflammation can occur on the legs and in other areas. In some cases, bubbles filled with liquid contents may form on the spot of the red spot that burst, followed by the formation of crusts. Skin changes persist for 5-15 days.

    Symptoms: usually begins acutely and proceeds at a high temperature with chills and fever accompanied by headache, severe weakness and muscle pain, nausea and vomiting. A small reddish or pink spot appears on the skin at the site of the lesion, which then spreads over the surface of the skin.

    What's going on? The spot rises above the rest of the skin, has clearly defined borders with uneven edges. The touch is hot and painful to the touch. With skin detachments, bubbles can form. The disease is accompanied by swelling. Inflammation persists from a week to two, gradually decreases and peels off. Bubbles burst, in their place crusts are formed.

    Immunity after the transferred disease does not develop, erysipelas inflammations are often repeated.

    Complications of erysipelas are abscesses, phlegmon and ulcers, thrombophlebitis, myocarditis, nephritis and rheumatism.

    What should I do? Treatment of erysipelas is prescribed by a physician.

    Recipes. Traditional medicine for treatment of erysipelas recommends:

    • do not wash with water and do not soak the affected area of ​​the skin;

    • drink milk;

    • lubricate affected areas with pork fat or propolis;

    • Apply bird cherry bark to affected areas. Prophylaxis of erysipelas - prevention of skin injuries, careful compliance with hygiene rules.

    The disease is expressed in a bright reddening of the skin with a slight swelling. It usually starts with a strong chill and a fever, redness can appear near the contaminated wound and even in a clean place. The spot burns, itches and creeps as it gradually dilates.

    If the erysipelas are formed near the wound, then it is usually treated with ichthyol. The wound itself should be washed daily with a solution of manganese, and the reddened area should be lubricated with ointment, and still take 2 to 5 centimeters of unaffected skin to stop the spread of the disease.

    The face on the face is well sprinkled with a thick mixture of pure chalk and rice starch. They should be finely chopped, sifted, - so that large particles do not irritate the sore spots. On top of the powder you need to put on a mask of blue thick paper with eye holes to protect your face from the sun's rays. Of course, you can not wash yourself.

    On the fifth day the disease reaches its highest development, after which recovery begins.

    In case of face mite, it is necessary to draw water in the nose with manganese or boric acid, and abrasions in the nose should be lubricated with lapis, as there most of all is collected and remains streptococci.

    1. Chalk, red cloth.

    In the morning, before sunrise, sprinkle the erypsipelas with a clean, finely sifted chalk top. Top with a clean woolen red cloth and all this bandage. The next morning, repeat the same procedure again, changing the chalk. A few days later the face disappears. The procedure should be performed once a day and be sure before sunrise.

    2. Honey natural bee, a flap of natural silk of red color, the size of a palm. Grind into small pieces. Mix with honey bee natural, divide this mixture into 3 parts. In the morning, one hour before sunrise, apply this mixture to a place stricken with erysipelas and bandage. The next morning, repeat the procedure. Do this every day until recovery.

    3. Chalk, powder - 1 part. Sage, powder of leaves - 1 part.

    All is well mixed. Pour the mixture on a cotton rag and tie it to the affected area. Change 4 times a day in a semi-dark place so that direct sunlight does not fall.

    4. Rye flour.

    Finely sieved rye flour sprinkled on a sore spot. From above it is covered with blue wrapping paper from under sugar and all is bandaged. Do in the morning an hour before sunrise. Change the bandage once a day before sunrise.5. Caviar frog.

    In the spring, type the frog caviar, spread it in a thin layer on a clean rag, and dry it in the shade. With the howling of erysipelas, slightly moisten the caviar and apply it to the sore spot for the night. From 3 such procedures, the erysipelas is considered to be a radical remedy for erysipelas. Store eggs in a cool dry place for 6 months, no more.

    6 Apply to fresh place fresh leaves of plantain.

    7. Lubricate the skin area affected by erysipelatous inflammation, a rag in kerosene, after ten minutes kerosene wipe, so do 2-3 days.

    Inflammation of the eye in the face of the

    8. Datura( leaves and seeds).

    20 g of seeds or datura leaves on a glass of boiling water. Insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, strain. Dilute with water. Make lotions with inflammation of the eyes. Tincture on vodka seeds or leaves.1 teaspoon of tincture diluted in 0.5 cup of boiled water. To apply for lotions.

    A flap of natural silk of red color, the size of a palm, to grind into small lumps. Mix with natural honey, divide this mixture into 3 parts. In the morning, one hour before sunrise, apply this mixture to a place stricken with erysipelas and bandage. The next morning, repeat the procedure. Do this every day until recovery.

    Mix rye flour with honey and elderberry leaves. The resulting mass is applied in the form of a compress, slandering:

    - The first time, the first hour of a face was planted, the face was watered, the face did not come up, it went no! Second time, the second hour. .. And so to twelve times, to twelve o'clock.

    - "God walked through the swine log and carried three faces. One dries, the other withers, the third from the body drives. Mother-in-law, mother, red girl, do not walk on white legs, do not walk on blue veins, do not do wounds on white legs, do not make wounds on blue veins. I am a word, but God help. Amen".

    The lesion is irradiated with light.

    Prevention of the disease: compliance with personal hygiene, treatment of fungal diseases of the skin, treatment of streptococcal diseases, prevention of injuries and abrasions of the legs.

    Clay in a cold form to impose on an inflamed place. Warm up the clay can not, because when warming, it loses its healing properties.

    A finely sifted rye flour sprinkles on the affected area, blue wrapping paper is superimposed on top, everything is bandaged. The procedure is carried out early in the morning before sunrise.


    2 tbsp.spoons of datura seeds, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Seeds datura pour boiling water, insist 30 minutes, strain, then dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

    How to use.

    Use as a lotion.


    for 1 tbsp.spoon of sage leaves, chalk( powder).

    Method of preparation.

    Ingredients to mix, the mixture is poured onto a cotton rag.

    How to use.

    Put rag on the affected area, pribintovat. The procedure is followed 4 times a day.

    Once cut the flap of silk into small pieces, mixed with honey. The resulting mixture is divided into 3 parts.

    In the morning, before sunrise, apply the mixture on the affected spot, pribintovat. Do once a day for 3 days.


    pure chalk, woolen red cloth.

    How to use.

    In the morning, sprinkle the affected area with clean chalk, then apply a woolen red cloth on top, wrap everything up. The next day, repeat the procedure, changing the chalk. The procedure is carried out once a day before sunrise. After 5-6 days the face disappears.

    With complete starvation of the erysipelas is an average of 3 days.


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