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    Many people once in life pursued a sense of hopelessness, some thought about suicide and each of us could not once in my life meet a man with such thoughts. Suicide is committed by people of different cultures, social strata, ages. This is one of the most common causes of death of young people between the ages of 14 and 16, as well as men between the ages of 40 and 50. Suicides among women are less common, but their attempts more often lead to death. Only one in five people talks about their suicidal thoughts, so it is very important to identify such hidden thoughts in order to prevent a tragedy in a timely manner.

    Suicide( suicide) is a death from unnatural causes, he himself who has suffered this damage himself with the aim of destroying his life( strangulation, vein dissection, gunshot wounds, falls from height, poisoning).Incomplete suicide, that is, causing any damage to oneself for the purpose of depriving oneself of life, but interrupted or failed, is called suitsindent.

    Possible causes of suicidal behavior of

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    There are certain situations in which the risk of committing suicide is very high. Schematically, it is possible to identify groups at risk of people prone to suicide. This:

    - a difficult teenager( passion for EMO themes, vampirism, sects).This group of people should be given special attention. Since adolescents are still not fully formed personalities, the psyche is very vulnerable, subject to the influence of the microenvironment in which they are located. It is very important to choose the right hobby, to check the circle of communication of the teenager. The main thing in all this is not to quarrel, but to try to help, to make the child share with you his experiences. Ask, what are you interested in, with whom you communicate in social networks, invite your friends to visit. A teenager should not feel lonely, participate in his life and negative changes will always be visible. Any situation, especially associated with suicide, can be prevented.

    - A person who has survived a psychoemotional shock( deceived spouse or spouse, death of a family member).
    - Anyone injured as a result of any disease or injured, which has affected health.
    - Alcoholic and narcotic or any other dependence.
    - Patients over 40 years of age or suffering from cardiovascular disease.
    - Patients with pre-existing mental illnesses( depression, suicidal behavior earlier or suicidents, schizophrenia or any other diseases that lead to impaired brain function).
    - Women in the first months after childbirth( the so-called postpartum psychosis, when a woman suffered stress during labor and her brain activity functions in the wrong way).

    Suicidal behavior develops in cases of abnormalities in the pituitary gland, hyperprolactinemia, pituitary adenoma. At the use of some medicinal substances the probability of a suicide increases. As a rule, these are drugs for the treatment of neurological disorders( neurotropic drugs), but this side effect can manifest even in gastrointestinal drugs, which requires immediate withdrawal of the drugs taken.

    Possible symptoms of suicidal behavior

    What should I do if, nevertheless, your friend, family member or acquaintance was in a similar situation and you noticed signs of strange behavior? You should know that there are 2 types of suicidal behavior, true and false.

    The mockingly demonstrative or false is more characteristic of adolescents or people who are addicted to psychoactive substances( alcohol, drugs).The situation develops approximately in such a way that the personal data pursues any goals( obtaining cash or other material goods) and, thus, attract attention to themselves, act through blackmail. For example: "If you do not give me money to drink, I will kill myself," or "you do not love me, I will die."In some cases, even theatrically and plausibly stage a suicide. They can slightly cut the veins, try to hang themselves, but so that everyone will notice, in general, do it openly, accompany this action with violent emotions, artistry. If they achieve the desired, receive financial assistance or a loved one, then these actions can be repeated, since the blackmailer achieved a positive effect. These suicidal patients are less dangerous to themselves, as they do not hide their intentions, but rather, they demonstrate them, trying to achieve their goals. The danger consists only in the fact that by cruel chance they can still complete suicide, when during this performance the relatives do not come and will not interrupt the deadly action. It is very important in this situation to make the right decision and immediately consult a doctor.

    The true suicide represents a completely different picture. A person is immersed in his thoughts, thoughtful, often talks about the meaning of life, religion, signs of depression are visible, little moves and eats, sleep disturbances are observed, most of the time can be spent in bed or locked up in his room, to keep a diary, read thematic literature, writewill. As a rule, true "suicides" think everything over, so to say, relish their suicide, make up a plan in months, can indirectly say goodbye to relatives and friends, make visits to them, make memorable gifts.

    If any signs of suicidal behavior are found, the doctor should be consulted immediately, even if the patient himself does not want to seek specialized care. It is necessary to try to look in his things for notes, diaries, drawings, in general everything that can be attributed to the proof that the person is suicidal. In the future, this will help you mark it in a specialized psychiatric institution or call a special emergency ambulance crew at the house, which will take the patient to the hospital or to the local psychiatrist.

    You need to have a frank conversation with such a person, listen carefully in a conversation, but refrain from evaluating his behavior. Try to focus attention not on the weaknesses of this individual, but, if possible, on his achievements and successes. Be sure after the conversation to notify relatives and friends about a possible suicide. Try to persuade this person to seek specialized help.

    Very rare cases where patients themselves identify "bad thoughts".Define thoughts like suicidal, it will be wrong, because if everything is already decided in favor of getting out of life, there is very little chance of self-referral to a doctor. An immobilized lifestyle, poor diet, lack of any hobbies, tenderness, tearfulness, feelings, in general, any signs of banal depression is already an excuse to seek help. If for any reason you can not contact a psychiatrist, you can seek help from any other general practitioner. All doctors are competent in the issue of suicidal behavior and will be able to identify such signs in a timely manner, if any. In health care, much attention is paid to this, as suicides are taking the lives of young and able-bodied people.

    To be hospitalized in a state institution is not very difficult. Suicidal mood is an emergency indication for the hospitalization of , when referred to any medical institution the patient will be sent by profile, you will be given a referral or even transported with an ambulance team.

    What tests should I take if I suspect a suicidal behavior?

    You do not have to prepare beforehand for hospitalization or take any tests, you are examined in a hospital. Typically, this is a general blood test, urine, electrocardiogram, if necessary, HIV and hepatitis tests, sometimes patients undergo such examinations as MRI or CT.Such expensive tests are necessary in order to exclude brain tumors, strokes, heart attacks. All these diseases can provoke the symptoms of depression and suicidal behavior. For successful and effective treatment, you need to identify the reasons, focusing on the symptoms.

    Doctors try to prevent and prevent the commission of suicides, therefore they act immediately. For such people who carry a clear threat to themselves, special hospitals have been set up in psychiatric hospitals, where patients are under round-the-clock supervision, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist, a therapist and a physiotherapist, if necessary. The treatment is complex, treatment is prescribed according to the standards approved by the state. Most often, the basic drugs are antidepressants( amitriptyline), sedatives of the benzodiazepine group( xanax, nitrazepam), hypnotics( zomiklon, sonat), vitamin therapy( vitamins B, Mg), drugs that improve cerebral circulation( piracetam), as well as psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, physiotherapy( electrosleep, darsanval).

    But even with a confirmed diagnosis, drugs for basic treatment without a doctor's prescription in the pharmacy are not released. When the patient has experienced an acute phase of the disease and is on maintenance treatment, all psychotropic medications are dispensed in small portions to prevent the accumulation of the necessary dose for committing a possible suicide. All drugs are potent substances that can affect the nervous system and brain functions, so they are taken only as prescribed by the doctor, with a constant correction of the dose of drugs.

    How dangerous is the treatment with folk remedies and which of them under what conditions can all the same be used

    Without a doctor's prescription with early signs of depression revealed in yourself, a clear loss of interest and hypodynamia, you can take herbal preparations that include peony, hawthorn, valerian, motherwort. You can use both alcohol tinctures, and tableted forms( phytorax, alfobazol).Take care of hawthorn, as it greatly slows down the heartbeat and lowers blood pressure.

    Features of diet and lifestyle for early recovery

    Very good mood stimulates caffeine( coffee or beverages containing caffeine), black chocolate or cocoa contains magnesium, involved in the conduction of nerve impulses, bananas and dates - substances that participate in the development of the amino acid tryptophan, the lastas a result of metabolic processes can improve mood.

    Prevention of suicide and suicidal behavior

    Preventive measures include hobbies for all kinds of sports, increasing the activity of a person, which contributes to the normalization of mood, widens the circle of acquaintance and thus distracts from possible thoughts to commit suicide. Full night sleep, stay in the daylight, nutrition.

    Attentive, friendly attitude of relatives and friends, participation in the life of a suicidal person is a huge step towards his salvation. It is necessary to show that he is loved and dear, and that everything will be fine.

    After discharge, district doctors actively continue to monitor the fate of the patient, even if the patient ignores the invitation to see a doctor, visit him at home. Working with people prone to true suicide is a very laborious process, which, as a rule, should include relatives, people from the circle of acquaintance and doctors.

    Possible complications of suicidal behavior

    Serious injuries in cuts, esophagus trauma and impaired renal function, liver poisoning, cervical vertebrae fractures in hanging, severe trauma from falls - this is a list of what can be obtained when trying to commit suicide. Such patients need not only psychiatric treatment, but also rehabilitation in somatic hospitals in order to restore health. Probability of disability after injuries resulting from attempted suicide. And the main complication, of course, is the death of a person.

    Be attentive to your loved ones, everything is in your hands.

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