The woman's health after cesarean section

  • The woman's health after cesarean section

    After the operation, the stomach will be aching, the head will spin a little from anesthesia, but midwives of the intensive care unit, where you will be transferred after the operation is completed, will take care that the pain is not so strong. The first urine after surgery will be taken to you through the catheter, do not bear it and call the midwife when it is necessary. The uterus should contract properly, and a full bladder will prevent it.

    If there are no contraindications, young mothers get up within 10-12 hours after the operation. Early rising prevents the formation of adhesions in the small pelvis and improves blood flow. At the first ascent from the bed, it is recommended to tie the belly with a sterile diaper to reduce pressure on the seam. At you the same as after natural sorts, color of vydeleny will vary. Women who have undergone a cesarean section will especially need endurance and patience with the child. The pain of the cut uterus will accompany you for some time, it is difficult, but it is very necessary to gain strength, endure it and not shut yourself off from meeting your baby. It was for the sake of this meeting that you endured all this. You will not be given a baby until you go to the regular puerperium, but try to do everything in your power to start breastfeeding it faster. After the operation, it takes a long time for the

    seams to heal. Daily treatment with their antiseptic substances, compresses with 25% magnesia solution, ultraviolet irradiation, open joint content, when you rest, will help to quickly cope with the wound.

    A couple of words we want to tell those women who think purposefully to go to surgery, fearing unforeseen complications, pain, tears. Cesarean section is a forced measure of saving the mother and fetus, when, with natural delivery, one of them would not have a chance of salvation. Simultaneously, the operation deprives the woman of a sense of satisfaction from the work done, the opportunity to hear the first sound of her own child's voice, and what pain is stronger - after the operation or during fights - this is still a question.